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 Plus long time with no posting D; it's just that... uh, my life has been feeling depressing. And I don't want to fill my journal up with my rants and depressing thoughts. So~ today I bring something different~ Inspiration came to me today~ and so I wrote a short original drabble~ God knows which is more rare, if actually writing something, or that said writing is an original story. 
Anyway~ on to the drabble~

'Humanity should just disappear. Die. Extinguish.' )

Ok, I know this isn't exactly cheering. But~ my mind is just like that. Happy things tend to reflect in my drawings. And in writing... eh. Let's just say I've got a good bunch of drabbles revolving around sweet happy love. But... yeah. Anyway.  Byee~
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When I'm bored, it usually means that I've got no inspiration to do anything. But sometimes, it happens that it gives me inspiration to write. Even so, it's kinda difficult when next to you, two ten-year old girls are being noisy and playing when you want them to shut up so you can be able to sleep.

So yeah, I'm here, wanting to write, but unknowing the subject. Doesn't it happen to you ever? I constantly suffer from that sensation, usually without the two girls. I've decided something. When I'm feeling like that, I'll let my mind flow, let the words come out. And God knows, maybe something good will come out of the moment.

 Writing. Among my friends, I've got at least two writers. Really good writers. And that makes me wonder: Am I a good writer as well? Or perhaps I've lived almost a decade believing my writing was worth praise, when the truth is other. Sad, but it's really a sign that my self-steem is still low. 

Those moments don't last, because another thought soon fills my mind. I'm driven by pure laziness. I don't even try, because I'm too lazy to do it. I don't write because I don't want to think. So perhaps, I'm good, but due to the little practice, and fault of my own material to compare, I end up feeling subpar to my writer friends. 

I should take a challenge. Always writing when I'm inspired, and if I don't find a theme, just let the words flow, as today. Soon, at least, I'll have a diary of my thoughts. Perhaps I could understand me better then. 

Really, now that I think about it, here on LJ I usually refrain me from posting ideas that when they occurred to me were fabulous because I end up thinking it will not interest anyone and will only serve to fill the Friends Page of my flist. Yeah, I should not listen to that part of me, right? Especially because it used to be different, I used to don't care about it. If I do that, I'll write more, about life, fandom, everything. Let's think it as a goal, right, me?

And sadly, the bright moment ended. Two ten-year old girls is too much for me.
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Yeah, so...

I was acting on this mini play, named 'Como te quedó el ojo, Lucifer?' as the Ignorance. The play was about the Devil, Lucifer, that came to Earth on the Christmas Eve, to monitor the work of Egoism and Ignorance, and to check a rumour saying that a baby was going to be born. Once there, there are scenes with the pastors, who have been heavily influenciated by the work of Egoism and Ignorance, not to say Vanity. While Lucifer is there, the Archangel and another angel come to Earth to tell the pastors about the biight birth of Jesus. After a fight between the Good and the Evil, the pastors go to see and adore the newly-born Jesus.

Ok, the play was on Saturday, and just yesterday, we were told that the Mexican Embassy got us to perform at a park on Sunday :D I couldn't believe it: to have another performance just a week after the presentation :3 But I'm happy, really happy.

I tried to upload the photos my father took of the play to Facebook, but... ¬¬' It seems that to upload the 112 photos will take an eternity. I don't know if it's FB or my own PC, but even so... grrr!

When I get the photos uploaded, I'll make a post with pictures :D expect it!

And, I'm also searching a beta-reader. I almost finished the first chapter of MagiFlavors. It's 8 pages, and I'm not sure about some things, but, hopefully, after Christmas I'll have it, along with the second chapter OwO
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Oh, right. I finally started my exams week C: I'm happy, because that meanst that, after November 21st, I'll have three months to relax and not think about school.

I started today with Science. We are doing Physics, so that was all our exam. It wasn't too hard, and I'm a bit scared because of that D: Anyway, I know I studied, and I'm sure it will pay off.

We are going home early, at 10 AM. That means today we had two hours before the exam, which lasted an entire hour, and then the recess and home.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, we have Spanish. Even if I'm at the top of my class in that subject (I've got 4.2), my grades weren't good enough to be exempted from that test. It shouldn't be hard, because, mainly, it's all about reading and memorizing things. But grammar is evil! and the teacher doesn't help at all!

Meanwhile, I'm still writing chapter 1 of Precure MagiFlavors. I know where I'm heading, but, the words won't translate the way I want from my mind to the pa- well, the Word Document. And that's another problem. I tend to write at school, to avoid boredom, but then, at home, I'm lazy to type what I've written to paper into Word. I have to extend myself, because my handwriting is so big two pages of it will make less than a page and half of word. I wonder if I should write summaries at paper and then write the complete thing at Word? Well, at least I'm commiting myself to write something, and that's good.
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Do you remember me blabbering about some English Assignment? Here is the Name Poem I wrote:

It's an Adventure! she shouted.
Time had come for the departure
Zealous she was about flying
Everytime she went to the airport
Laughter started between tears... saying good bye was never easy!

And so, she entered the plane,
Nervous she was now, the flight would start anytime:
Given the situation, she wouldn't cry
Effort was needed, it was a hard try.
Look at the window, her mother said
Evoking home, the airport was,
Soon the flight would start.

And, that was my fantastic writing :D
ok... i'm going~
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so, yeah... I'll finish a one-shot fic soon, probably tonight.
And, well, I'm not really sure about my grammar there, and there are some things I would want to get checked by someone before publishing here/at dA.
Uhm, basically, I am humbly asking for a beta reader... Not necessarily only one. So anyone? It's (of course) in English, it's friendship/romance...
etc. I'll wait patiently for someone... even if I know someone won't come.


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