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Yesterday my dad installed a router, so we could have internet access in all of my house! That means that now I can use the laptop in the living room, while watching TV, or in the kitchen, while eating something!

It also means that now I can connect to NIntendo Wi-Fi with Nintendo DS games that have Wi-Fi functions! I will be able to trade Pokémon!

Speaking of Wi-Fi trades, they're very unbalanced. They offer a Piplup Lvl 1 for a Palkia lvl 100! To start, I offered a Turtwig named Terry, Lvl 17, for a Piplup of any level... I'll see.

Changing subject, I grew! I grew from 159 cms to 161! Isn't that wonderful? And yes, I've some traume with my height... I don't want to be small... I wonder If I'll grow more than the Sheep. Then, she will be a really small Sheep, or I'll be a really tall Apple...

And, I have finally made my decision. I'll go to the CANAPAS. I don't know if I had enough will power to go, and sleep 4 nights in a place that is practically the jungle, or if I hadn't will power to say that I wasn't going... Tomorrow we'll be going to the place of the camp, as part of the extra meetings...

Waaaah! I don't want to think in my birthday because of that! Oh! Another thing, WITCH is being sold here again! Yippie!
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Nya... Parece que Itzehi (Porque hay veces en que parezco Haruhi =P) no puede resistir el hormigueo del RPG. See... me uní a Spacial Rend, un RPG multifandom basado en PMD2. Y adivinen quien soy? Nada más y nada menos que... Irma Lair, de WITCH! Tenía que ser ella, mi personaje favorito. Estuve a poco de llenar la forma con los datos de Haruhi Fujioka, pero no encontré un Pokemon que se le pareciera. Y que Poke es Irma? Squirtle. Por cierto, se me ocurrió que tipo de pokemon serían los miembros del Host Club:
-Kyouya: Umbreon (Iba a ser Murkrow, pero...)
-Hani-senpai: estoy indecisa entre Wigglytuff, Buneary, Whismur  y Teddiursa... Creo que Buneary -.-
-Mori-senpai: Ursaring!
-Hitaachin Twins: Plusle & Minun (y estuve a punto de asignarles Spindas)
-Tamaki: Uh... esta es dificil... podría ser Teddiursa, por su Kuma-chan...
-Haruhi: Al llenar la forma pensé en Teddiursa (see... definitivamente tengo algo con esas cosas peludas), aunque creo que le vendria bien Zigzagoon o Linoone.

Pienso demasiado...
Bueno... eso es todo...

Ahora sí, ya acabé. A ver cuando termino el My Ocs! Part 2 y Part 3.


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