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Yeah, so...

I was acting on this mini play, named 'Como te quedó el ojo, Lucifer?' as the Ignorance. The play was about the Devil, Lucifer, that came to Earth on the Christmas Eve, to monitor the work of Egoism and Ignorance, and to check a rumour saying that a baby was going to be born. Once there, there are scenes with the pastors, who have been heavily influenciated by the work of Egoism and Ignorance, not to say Vanity. While Lucifer is there, the Archangel and another angel come to Earth to tell the pastors about the biight birth of Jesus. After a fight between the Good and the Evil, the pastors go to see and adore the newly-born Jesus.

Ok, the play was on Saturday, and just yesterday, we were told that the Mexican Embassy got us to perform at a park on Sunday :D I couldn't believe it: to have another performance just a week after the presentation :3 But I'm happy, really happy.

I tried to upload the photos my father took of the play to Facebook, but... ¬¬' It seems that to upload the 112 photos will take an eternity. I don't know if it's FB or my own PC, but even so... grrr!

When I get the photos uploaded, I'll make a post with pictures :D expect it!

And, I'm also searching a beta-reader. I almost finished the first chapter of MagiFlavors. It's 8 pages, and I'm not sure about some things, but, hopefully, after Christmas I'll have it, along with the second chapter OwO
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Hi~ As usual, I am reporting my newest obsession instead of what's been happening lately in my life. Maybe, just maybe, I will write something about my trip to Kuna Yala, with Pics?

Any of you knows the Cuban theater company, 'La Colmenita'?
They do great job with Cuban kids, and set plays, like 'Meñique', 'Cucarachita Martina', 'Sueño de una noche de verano', etc.
what else am I storing for you? )

C: so, I just wanted to share my new obsession with all of you.

And, editing this five minutes after I posted, I'm sharing this meme I stole from bendmyfire.

For one week, recommend / share:
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: a site
Day 5: a YouTube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fanc

my choice for today is... )


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