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This happens to me soo many times... Counting sheeps -or anything else- does not work for me, as much as I want to. Neither does listening to music, nor imagining scenes of a mental fanfic or anything.

However, there IS one thing that often helps me to conciliate sleep, and that thing is to start concentrating in a white point that slowly grows, grows and grows until it absorbs everything. Actually, it's a method for relaxing, huh?

Well, when I'm not able to sleep usually it's because I'm stressed or have a lot of things in my mind, so it does help :3

Sometimes I hope I could sleep just by counting sheep, though. It's easier.

:D Until tomorrow, friends.
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First of all, sorry for the two posts in a row, but I had to answer this. BEWARE: lenghty reply following.

Definately. Like, two months before school finished for me this year, my best friend in the world stopped talking to me. For a month or so, I had no idea of why she didn't talk to me. It wasn't until I wrote two letters to her that she finally gave me a (a very stupid, IMHO) reason, and finished saying that she wouldn't be my friend anymore. I was upset, because, if she wanted that, why she didn't tell me from the start?

Part of the reason was that I was very childish. And yes, I am, but I don't see anything wrong in that: after all, I'm not always childish, but, it's somewhat fun for me to act like that.

From that incident on, I decided to keep being who I am, and not pay attention to what other persons think of me, or tell me (Of course, that if I'm harming myself, and they tell me about a conduct that does that in me, I would pay attention D: ).

I know I should have done that sooner in my life, but, now, I realize that other persons opinions harm me more than myself, and I'm not going to allow that anymore. It's clear that I'm still far away from reaching that, but for me, taking the decision is really important.

Yes, I may had some breakdowns earlier this year, but I AM working with a psychologist to correct those things. The incident also made my inner me want to erase friendship from my priorities, but, after thinking a bit, I realize that that was part of what caused my breakdowns. So, instead of erasing it, I'll simply put it a position below chasing my dreams and goals :D

Probably, that will take years, if I'm lucky, to have it erased from my memory, because, suddenly losing one of the persons that you trusted the most is not easy. I'm not yet over it. Happily, I do realize there are a handful of persons that are my friends, and now, I'll simply try to focus in that group instead of a single person.

That's it. If someone read all the way to here, Thanks for paying your time to stop and read me :3
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Ok... I know little about vampires. Even so, if I was to be bitten, everyone except Edward Cullen or any of Meyer's 'vampires' would be fine...

Brr... Smeyer vampires are a shame to other vampires.

After this writer's Block, my faith in humanity dropped another level. I don't know how lots of girls and grown woman across the globe can find Eddie Cullen attractive. What's him, after all? A dead, pale, abusive, stalker killer? Yeah, so those are the strange tastes of women these days.
Not to mention that, as a character, he is a complete Gary Stu. So, if you wanna flame me, don't hesitate, I love arguments C:


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