Jun. 22nd, 2010

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 Hi, everybody~!
Long time without posting... Meh, I was grounded, and lately, my inspiration had been gone. Ana had it, I'm sure of it u.ú

But do you know something? Even if I'm not inspired, the need to write is still there, and it huuurts... So I wrote in the school. The last week I wrote three pages, which I'm going to scan and put on here. Today I wrote another one, which I'll transcribe for today entry. 

And it is as it follows:

so short, really, but I love LJ-cuts xD )
Yeah, that was all. It looked longer in paper, I swear! But that may be because my handwriting is SO round and big xD I still like my handwriting though. It used to be horrible, so I think it's a progress, and a big one. You'll see my handwriting, I sweear~ I'll scan tonight to post tomorrow :) 

And finally, I wanted to say something I was thinking about in the morning. Voice is an useful tool, so is the brush and the pencil. But my favorite tool is the PEN. Why? Because it takes too much practice to be able to handle it correctly, and to be able to transmit emotions with written words. That's why my dream is to be a recognized writer, because in a way, it would be like reaching perfection.

That's all :)


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