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First of all: FINALLY. LONGEST 30 DAYS OF MY LIFE ARE OVER. OVER!!!1111oneoneone!! /capsrape

No, seriously, soon we can go back to the long, thoughtful, emo-ish entries of before *cries*. Oh, normal journaling, how much I have missed you. But oh well, let's see what can I post for today. I´ve got the worst memory for some things...

Oh, lol, I've tried going back in time by reading old journal entries. Last year I was SO obssessed with La Colmenita (I still love it, go figure). I could post a song from La Cucarachita Martina play (I totally heart it <333), but no song of them can be found in the interwebz. Cry moar, I know. Oh, and I was also obssessed with Layton. I still am, but it's nice to read about it.

I got tired from reading old entries. But I got so happy <3 It made me remember nice things, and some not-so-nice, but because those have been solved and turned into cute, sweet and nice things, I'm more happy.

Meh, I give up. I'll post this song because it turns out it was the one most mentioned at my DeviantArt journal. I'm still not sure D:

Fuwa Fuwa Time -Houkago Tea Time

This song is so fluffy, if that adjective can even be used for music. No, seriously, it's cute. And I still like it, though after finding Hello! Project with the cute voices and stuff, I don't listen to it as much as before. So yeah. That was it for the meme. I want to do an entry with the songs that almost made it to the cut, or those that I forgot about them in their moment. Tomorrow, right? :)

I feel so happy for having accomplished this! :D 'Nuff said.
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:D I perfectly know what song will be able to fit in here...

Moonlight Densetsu (Spanish)

Yeah. Pretty much all my childhood was Sailor Moon. I LOVED her like you got no idea~ I think my mother once made me a Sailor Scout costume. I still have a Sailor Moon clock and a... well, I shall take a picture ^-^''

So yep, that was everything I had to say about the song. Meh, I'm so bored >.<' I've got the entire week off, it's the season of the National Holidays here in Panama... I could use the time to do other things, like writing a fic, drawing a commemorative illustration of Magic Girls Ringo Sheep .____. I can't believe I just did the character designs at the start of the year... D: Time goes away faster than I can digest. It feels horrible, before I know it, I'll be starting college. Oh God. Now, I have to stop thinking about depressing things and be happy. Enjoy the present and don't think about the future. That's right.

Until tomorrow, this was Itze making the sporadic appearance in her journal.
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 So, first, let's accept what everyone here know it's true. Itzel A. doesn't know what to be constant means. Nor what's responsability. But the truth is that I've been thinking in a song that could fit for today, and guess what? I don't find any. ANY. I've even tried to make me feel guilty by some song, but... no, it hasn't worked. So yeah, I suck D: 

But okay, I realize that I can't delay this more. So, welcome to the Random Song Posting Day! :D (Yes, I know I'm pathetic)

Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende! (Top Nude Remix Version 1) -S/mileage

Let's pimp these young idols :) Out of the few songs I've heard of S/mileage, this is my favorite. Well, not the remix version, but the original. And the non-Osakaben version too<3 Seriously, they're like the only hope for H!P now. So why S/mileage? To tell the truth, it's what I was listening too at the moment of posting this :D And if you don't like this remixed version, then go and watch the original version. Beware of squeaky sweet voices, though.

So, yeah. I promise you actual songs that correspond to the following days tomorrow and Thursday. And then, this will be OVER. OVER. Yay! :D And then, I'll post some internal rant about why I am not able to take part in the NaNoWriMo. Someday.
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Let's finish this, ok? >:|
I've been waiting 25 days to be able to post the song for today, really. And in the way, two other songs have been added to today. So~ let's search for an YT link, will we?

... Don't ask xDD

Yeah. I'm weeeird~ But, it does have an story behind why I have chosen this for today! Actually it's kind of ridiculous, but oh well. A loong time ago, or perhaps just in 2007, I had this two bestfriends. And, during a month or so, we spent more time together than normal due to practices for the coreography of the School Festival. Every once in a while, they used to sing this to annoy another friend. So yeah. Now this makes me a bit nostalgic, but still makes me laugh. So, on to the next song?

Juunen Ai -Tanjou 10nen Kinentai

The point about this song, is the lyrics. They try to fit in a lot of titles from Morning Musume songs, and it's hilarious xDD Yeaah~

I said today were 3 songs, right? I couldn't find the third. It was either Scout or the curry song of Koharu from Ribbon no Kishi. I'm obssessed with that musical~

PS. I need a laughing icon >.
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When will this effin meme finish? >.< I'm getting tired of it. And I haven't been able to think of a good song for my funeral in like two weeks.

Because, I would love to have some kind of music that reminded everyone that a soul that was worth much, a soul that did a lot of things just died. I want to be remembered forever. Yeah. Perhaps Spectral Music-esque? Or Opera, classic music. Music with an impact. Yeah.

You know, those random playlist memes? In the question for 'A song for your funeral', a happy song always comes up. ALWAYS. And yes, right, I want everyone to be happy remembering me, but a happy, cheerful song is way too much. *still thinking* Why no track comes up to mind?

Gaah, I'll have to watch the play we did for Christmas to see if I find something, because if not, I'll have to put Huapango, which is the only classical song that I clearly remember. But it's not what I'm looking for. Better not to rewatch the play, you know, the main villain just entered stage and I'm already cracking up. Because I remember all practices and good moments. MEH. Huapango will have to suffice.

Huapango -José Pablo Moncayo

I love this piece. It irradiates energy, and even if it's quite long, it's catchy, and kind of pumps me up~ How could anyone not love it? Yeah. Perhaps that is why it wouldn't be a bad song to play at my funeral. Happy, yet somewhat solemn, and it's... magnificent is the word? Yes, probably. Now that I think about it, Huapango is what I want the world to see in me, so it's a perfect choice.

Until tomorrow, just 6 days more!
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Eh. Eh. Eh... But of course that there must be only one song that could be played at my wedding, mind you.

Happy Summer Wedding -Morning Musume

Actually, not. But understand me, I had to post this xDD Because my sense of humor is weird like that. And because I love how Koharu almost doesn't get a line in here. :P Yeah, I'm evil, but I don't dislike Miracle.

Cherry -Spitz (Video Performance: Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa)

I'd prefer this. And I actually don't know why, as the lyrics... well, just an instrumental version would be ok :D

But seriously, I don't imagine myself married. I would be the most terrible wife in the entire world~ So yeah. I leave you~
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Short entry today, not much to say. I'm in a mood where I want to shout everything to the world, but dunno how. Ever happened to you? >.< Perhaps I shouldn't have let things accumulate.

Dekkai Uchuu ni ga Aru -Morning Musume

I like this song a long, perfect for cheering someone up. I was actually going to post this for yesterday, but yeah, I changed my mind. Ok, I was thinking of posting Watashi no Tsubasa, but I had already posted it at the beggining. Ultra Meeh.

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Now this entry is much easier for me. Because, yeaah~ :3

Today... wasn't a really good day talking about school, except that today the fact I've been blessed with good memory was proven once again. But oh well. I did horribly in the tests I had for today, perhaps because I didn't even try to study. But, both breaks are heaven<3

I really love everyone who is my friend~ and realize that in that sense, this is the best year I've had ever since the trio days. It's even better than the trio days, actually. And as a sidenote, yes, Trio Days, just because I love nicknaming everything and anything. I have a pretty big circle of friends, and I feel happy for it. And in a certain way I don't want this year to end. I like my classroom so much, even if some days they exasperate me -0-' But you've gotta learn to deal with all kinds of persons, don't you?

xD I wonder why I'm writing all this, not my character, no no. Or perhaps it is. Sometimes I don't even know what's my character anymore. That's sad~ At least I do know what my hobbies are, etc, etc. That's something. That's a start.

On to the song for today~ :D

:D being responsible, Itze gets out of here!

PS. I updated the master meme list there -> :)
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Ok, now I have to say I NEEVER listen to music when I'm angry. I prefer to grab a book and fall asleep, or just write. Because writing helps to pour my feelings into something~ But oh well. Let me search what songs I have stored here~ Probably I'll end up showing you a so random song...

Yeah, random song.

Koi no Telephone GOAl -Abe Natsumi.

See? Random and happy-go-lucky song by former face of Momusu Abe Natsumi. xDD I love the random 'Besáme Mucho' lines the song has. But oh well. Just 10 days more to go :D. I'm so waiting for Day 25 *-* <3
Yeah, enough. I want to write something serious, for God's Sake!
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:D I think I downloaded 10 My Me in time to do this one. Because I know I had a favorite album in Spanish, but I can't remember which one was it (oh, so long) The point is that lately, more than albums, I've been listening to singles. But I liked 10 My Me so much that...

Namidacchi -Morning Musume

:D Why they don't make more songs like this one? It's SO full of energy~ I love the rap and the Gaki line~ The only thing that could have made this song even better would have been a line distribution like in the old days.
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Hi, this is Itze actually accomplishing what she said she would do! Yes~ I updated again!

And hey, this isn't a H!P song! Hey, it's not even in Japanese! But not in English, either... This time it's... Spanish! :D

El niño sin amor -Alex Lora

I love this song. I discovered it in a family trip, and this played a couple times~ The lyrics, too, make me sad .___.' But now, why did I post this in this day? I'd like to have a music station like Mexico's Reactor, full of weird, unknown bands. Then, I'd listen to radio more. Really~ Meh, I can't explain myself xDD But anyway, I love this song.

(8) ese niño no conoce el amooor~ (8)
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Venga ya! No puedo dejar esto sin hacer >:|

Fuu... I don't listen to the radio, you know... All I hear is the news, and that only in the morning -.-''
well~ In any case, I'll post a random song~ And tomorrow too, probably.

RUUJYU no Dengon -Yumi Arai

A few weeks ago, Morning Musume, AKB48 and S/mileage were in a collaboration for a Japanese 'telethon'. They sang a Ghibli medley and Momusu's song Dekkai Uchuu ni ga Aru. I loved all Ghibli's songs, from Ponyo's one to Chihiro's. This one, a song from Kiki's Delivery Service, was sang by Morning Musume and then by AKB48 (And the first were better, lemme say ;) )

Anywaaay~ I've updated! :D
And I hope to not have any more of these long hiatuses. They're bad, bad bad.

Meme xDD

Aug. 20th, 2010 05:17 pm
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Ok... I remembered the song I used to love but now I hate~

Rosas -La Oreja De Van Gogh

Before anyone kills me for hating this song... I must say in my defense that it all happened because I suffered from over-exposure to it. Unwished over-exposure. Some years ago, I lived in a small building. My neighbors of upstairs were NOISY. More than Momusu is supposed to be (Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, lol). Well, they used to put this song every day. EVERY FREAKING DAY. First it was like 'Ohh, hey, I like this song, how nice', until it turned to be 'why this sooooong?! D:'

Yeaaahh... it's sad.
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 Can't it be the other way around? I don't really remember any song D: And I want to finish this meme... 

Robokiss -W (Double U)

First time I heard this song, I hated it. Really. Then, I started liking more the voices of Tsuji and Kago in Morning Musume, and then, I liked this song... Suki sukissu KISSU wo kudasai (8) :) Similar things have happened to me with...

GO GO! MANIAC -Houkago Tea Time

When I heard it, I took my earphones off. It's just that... Yui's voice... arrrgghh... I became used to it because it's the OP of K-on!!... I like this song now, but I was still so glad when Utauyo!! MIRACLE arrived.

I'll try to finish this as soon as possible, I... swear.
But I've proved I can't be constant.
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This is haaard e.e' That describes me, eh~? Talk about hard choices... Well, I'll play funny and post this:

Pereza -Eugenia León

:D It describes me, yeah. The song is pretty much an ode to Lazyness... 'Lazyness is so sweet...'

No, really, I tried searching translations of H!P songs, but none... That was a long hiatus, right? D:
I'll post once again tomorrow. I Promise.
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 :) Oh yes. Ehh... I knew which one I was going to post, but know I don't know if post it with Day 13 or 14. Well, as I'm debating, I'll let you know I didn't know if to post this today (As last entry was after midnight, so posting this today would technically make 2 entries in a day). Well, after realizing I'll be gone from Monday to Wednesday/Thursday, I decided to post it today.

._______.' I don't know what to post... eh... how was called that song again? xD Ok, I found it.

Sale Sobrando -Lila Downs

So why is this song a guilty pleasure? In first place, it's Lila Downs, for God's sake. I mean, even in Mexico, how much is she known? And in top of that... just listen to the song. It's weeird... I think even my father thinks so, and he loves Lila Downs so much~
Even so, the lyrics are the best this song has :)

Wait until (I hope) Thursday to find out which is the song for Day 14. 

Hint? More from Lila Downs ;)
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 Momusu todaay~
lalala' let's see... From Momusu I've already posted Mr. Moonlight, I Wish... and screw Momusu, let's post the song from Hello! Project:

All for One & One for All -Hello! Project

This song first was released as the song for the sole Shuffle Unit of Hello! Project in 2004, which included every idol under the H!P umbrella. It included over 40 artists: Morning Musume, H!P Kids, Berryz Koubou, Ayaka, Aya Matsuura, Melon Kinenbi... 

The special thing about the song is that the lines are in the order of when each girl entered to Hello! Project. It starts with 1st Gen, 2nd, Maki Goto, some soloists, etc. The video is from the Elder's Club graduation... It's weird to see how there's only one girl singing the line of herself, Maki Goto and Ayaka, because those two had graduated before. And then, Berryz Koubou comes before the former H!P Kids, because they are now °C-ute. And then, Yossy takes a line from Aibon, whose contract was terminated two years before... 

The song was again performed in the Summer Tour 2010, the Fankora... It seems that 5th Gen starts the song, but then, instead of Berryz Koubou/°C-ute, there is 6th Gen .___. I'll wait until the DVD release to see how the lines are now distributed...

Enough for today~ :)
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 For some reason, I'm already wishing these 30 days are over. Now that I finally got to write short, daily entries, I'm dying to go back to my long, full of nonsense and angst scarce entries. But oh well, I guess I get what I wanted. I've got an idea... why not to use the inspiration I poured in my entries to finally write Green Grapes? Yeah, that'd be much more useful. But... ahh, every day I feel more and more apart from him~ I'm finally happily accepting all the happiness and fun I had with those two is over... At least Orangey is always willing to discuss our grades, and the other one (Because to call him Dust Bunny is just... xDDD) will always laugh whenever I mention that dove.

And why I'm writing this? This is supposed to be for Day 25... Ohh, God, not another 15 days -.-'

Fine. The song for today will be:

Pastel Pure -Ali Project

Yeah, Arika's vocals are great. But this is just so slow and sweet that it kills me <.<' It bores me, it makes me wonder why in the first place I downloaded the song. So yeah, go blame my taste. My taste that will gladly prefer a happy song like Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo. 

So yeah. All for today, I get off.
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 xDD I thought it was 'A song that makes you dance'... It's pretty much the same thing, isn't it? Fine, today I've got a couple of songs~ 

Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo -Momoiro Clover

*O* Yes Yes We are the Momoiro Clover (8)
I LOOVE this song~ It's so energetic, and cute, and the dance shot shows exactly that. I'd love to know the steps, but ohh, god, it includes things I'm not able to do... Me and gymnastics make a bad combination after all....

Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ -Hello! Project (Actually, Morning Musume, almost Yossie solo, but...)

Ahh, I love this song *O* I've always liked swing-esque songs, and... yeah, Mr. Moonlight was instant love. It also, yes, makes me want to dance :3 And... Yeah, I totally love this song. Yossie is love too~ *O* 

Enough for today... Itze says good-bye :)
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 Yay! Finally I'll be able to post the song I've been wanting to post for a long time :)

Ilusión -Julieta Venegas ft. Marisa Monte.

Last year, for music class, we had to sing a song, any song. Me and a friend chose to sing this one... Which is actually perfect for us, because I'm Mexican and she's Brazilian, just like the singers xD
We sang it so many times practicing it, that I think I'll never forget it .___.' It's a nice song, isn't it? 

Por qué la dejé, porqué la dejé? No sé, sólo sé que se me fue.

:) Byee~! xD Tomorrow it's again day of multiple songs~


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