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 On Friday, I got UP from BlockBuster *O*... My, it was even better than when I saw it at the movie theater. Really, it's a masterpiece, as practically anything made by Pixar. The music, especially Married Life~ It reflects very well the movie... The animation is wonderful... Ok, much fangirling UP and Carl and... RUSSELL <3

But oh, well... I should be studying Geography and Religion. Yes, Religion. Why? I'm in a Catholic school (No, not girls-only, thanks God). They're the easiest subjects we have ._.' so I don't feel any urge to open the book and read. Because if I did, I'd be reading the topics we'll study in the fourth bimester, so when we are in November, I'll be bored because I'll already know the things teachers are explaining. Yeah. That's why my mother used to forbid me from reading school books before classes started. :3 But I'm a reader by heart, what can I do?

Anyway, I made a friend read some of my favorite books :D 
Currently, he is reading Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code and he just finished The Witches, by Roald Dahl. Oh, and The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, by Isabel Allende~ I'm sure I was one of the persons who impulsed him to read, back in eight grade, when I lent him The Neverending Story  (Michael Ende). To make others share the same interests as you feels so great~

Ehm, I made an account at Formspring! :D
For those of you who don't know what Formspring is, it's a place where you create your account (obvious is obvious, yeah), and you ask questions. ^^'' I'm so bad at descriptions... anyway, you can visit my profile here:

On another topic, last Saturday I went with some friends to the mall, we went to Space Playworld and bowling... And then, we walked through the entire mall to meet my parents. And we wanted to eat something~ Me and a friend ate a hamburger from Mac Donalds, and another friend bought some 'Crunchy Potatoes' from Taco Bell. And Taco Bell. GAAH, Taco Bell. I hate persons who really think Taco Bell is Mexican food. <.<' That's ignorance, boys! If you want to taste Mexican food, go to Sanborns! Or... I don't know, but NOT Taco Bell. C'mon, Chalupas aren't exactly like tacos... And, as far as I know, 'Crunchy Potatoes' have nothing to do with Mexico.

*sigh* It's so fun to read me writing and ranting about this, because, I'm the weirdest Mexican you'll ever meet. I HATE HATE HATE spicy food, and heavily dislike most Mexican Food (Tacos aren't Love for me. Ridiculous story), and even so, I'm defending my culture. :D

Ok, I think I wrote too much for today. Au revoir.
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Etooo... D: I forgot to post the meme yesterday, so... I'll post today Day 3 & 4.

For one week, recommend / share:
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: a site
Day 5: a YouTube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fanc

Books and WebSites~ )

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Life is curious. When you desperately want something, you won't get it (well, I'm talking about things such as coincidences...) WHen you stop looking for that something to happen, Vóila! There it is. Yesh. What I'm writing about, you ask? Months ago, I wished with all my heart to be sick, in bed, if possible at a hospital. Guess what? I got so sick I had to skip yesterday classes.

It's simply a flu. With coughing and achooing. Thursday I had fever too. Now I'm a bit better, but still... On Thursday I went to school because I had lots of things for that day. But the teachers were absent, we convinced another of putting the test for next week, etc. I didn't know what I was doing at school. During all day, I was in zombie state, and before the practice, I was sleepy, so Rocio came up to me and told me that it would be better to go home. And so I did. Thanks goodness for that.

I got home, and I went directly to bed. My mom tried to make me eat something, but I couldn't D:
So Itze slept. Slept till 6 o' clock. Then, I remembered I had Math homework, but everytime I decided to get up and do it, I became sleepy again. My mom decided then to let me skip classes next day.

I stayed home. At noon, we went out to Multiplaza to eat, because we had to go to the Mexican Embassy for some courses about Mexican History... After we finished eating, I was feeling sick again, so my dad took me home, where I slept, slept and slept, not after reading The Witches (Roald Dahl) and Momo (Michael Ende).

Well, I was awaken by my dad, when he went to get my mom and sister. Like an hour later, I call my mom (heavens! Embassy isn't far from my house!). She tells me they're at the theater ¬¬'. So they came home a bit before 10 pm...

Today, mom had forbidden me to go to Scouting meeting (miii, D:) but I convinced her to let me go. It was fun, as always...yay. Later, we went to Pizza Hut to eat, because my sister wanted to go (gosh, but when I ask to go, my dad drives home D:).

And... that's the tale of my sickness. Oh, yeah, I read New Moon. Blah, Bella is so whiny...
Yay, Tomare! was released! (ED of Haruhi Suzumiya 2009).  Stop! This past belongs to me, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, so why even ask? How could you forget? the memories when we first met?
I like the lyrics. It reminds me of... yeah, that. *sigh* better finish writing before I start to rant.
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Well, I read a classical book: Frankenstein.

I believe you all know the story: Dr. Victor Frankenstein gets obssessed with the creation of a human being. Instead, he creates a monster (who, by the way, remains unnamed the whole story). The monster wants to make Frankenstein as miserable as he feels, so starts killing all his loved ones, starting by his littlest brother. The story is told by Dr. Frankenstein, just before he fell sick and died.

tl;dr it's the story of a man who played to be God, but after making his creation, he became scared of it. The monster felt everything a human felt, but was ugly, really ugly.

I liked it. It didn't made me sleepy, as Cervantes can make me .-.
Anyway, if it was a terror story, I wasn't scared. Not even a bit. And being me the scary mouse I am, well...

And Friday...

We're practicing for school's festival (specifically, the dance festival, aka Comparsas). Today, we had to practice under the rain, because we were practicing in the playground (?) of the school. The storm started, and we were afraid of losing the practice, until we were given permission to keep dancing under the rain.

After it ended, we were all wet and dripping, but we felt so~ good...
a lot of us didn't bring clothes to change, so they had to wait till the air dried them. Me, fortunately, did bring more clothes C:
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I saw the Twilight movie last Saturday. I dunno why, but I liked it more than the book. Maybe I enjoyed it because I was expecting a lot less. Anyway, I keep hating  Twilight.

The movie basically follows every event of the book. Of course, they changed little bits, or so say my Twilight-addict friends.
After watching it, I started to thought that Meyer, the book's writer, likes to be seen. She appeared in a couple of scenes in the movies... I mean, which kind of writer shows in the movie? Answer, One that writes books designed in a commercial way.

Uwaaaaah! I have written 3 posts about Twilight in a row!
I have to post inmediately about something else! Quick!
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I don't understand... When a book is one of the things most popular right now, it gets to be a stupid, love story plain book. And guess what's the name of it? Yeah, Twilight. You may be asking, why do you don't like that book? I'll tell you why. First of all, look at the characters. They're too plain. Way too plain. I think, what makes a good book, aren't perfect characters, but characters that have as many flaws as virtues. Look at Artemis Fowl. He IS a charismatic character. Or Harry Potter, he also acts like what he is, a human. And you may say that Edward Cullen isn't human, but still, he has to have flaws, right?
Second... I know it's a love story, but... almost all the book is 'Oh, I love you so much, Edward', and 'I love you more, Bella'... Yuck! And you know what? Normally, when two teenagers are in love with each other, they tend to act shy and awkward! Where was all that awkwardness? Oh my god...
Third: Bella doesn't have a personality. She may be perfect (except for her clumsiness... but that's a bit... eh...), but... She was made like a damsel in distress! Really, this book gives boys the idea that we are weak beings. Zettai Arienai!
Fourth, I don't know if I will get published, but I'm sure I write better than Stephenie Meyer. She writes like a teenager! (And I'm a teenager). Her book could only be liked by plastic girls like my classmates, who haven't read anything better. I need a treatment full of Poe, Doyle, Alcott, Dahl... Nyaaaaaaaa! But, ya know something? I wrote a lot... *feels satisfied* See you in a few minutes if you are lucky XP

Next, in Life Oddities: I CAN write with abreviatures(or however its written)
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Yesterday I did what I never thought of doing: Go shopping!
I went with Brenda, to the Multiplaza, because I convinced her of going to the Scout's Meeting. When I came back, my poor feet hurted... What I did? Well, I ate a small pizza at PizzaHut, I walked, walked and walked in the mall, ate Cinnabon, entered GameMasters and EstiGames, etc, etc and etc. We also found Diego, who was eating an 'icecream' at Dippin' Dots, and Mabe, who was walking alone.
And the best of all: I found Howl's Moving Castle! Yes! The book written by Diana Wynne Jones! I've wanted it for months! I want to start reading it now, too bad tomorrow I start bimonthly exams... with Math! Auch... Well, see ya!


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