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 Plus long time with no posting D; it's just that... uh, my life has been feeling depressing. And I don't want to fill my journal up with my rants and depressing thoughts. So~ today I bring something different~ Inspiration came to me today~ and so I wrote a short original drabble~ God knows which is more rare, if actually writing something, or that said writing is an original story. 
Anyway~ on to the drabble~

Humanity should just disappear. Die. Extinguish.

Yeah. Those were definitely grim thoughts for the apparently-rainbow minded girl. Ah, but what did the world know? In all truth, hypocritical as it may be, the girl was sick of having to act as she lived in a world of candies and unicorns.

But in her defense, what she could do? People would take her less seriously if she decided to reveal her darker self. After all, depressing thoughts aren’t what you expect from a cute and petite girl.

Even so… what if she suddenly decided to throw away her pink, girly clothes? What if instead of greeting the next person she saw with a high pitched squeal and a hug she just acted as grimly as she felt? The girl cackled, quite pleased at the mental image that was forming.

Her life was a continuous line of what if’s. What if’s that probably would never be tried, just because it was safer that way. And the girl knew it. She was too weak to fight against herself.

And so she knew, the second she saw her so-called friend, a girl she hated with all of her soul, yet usually hanged out with, she would not even try to do something to reveal her grim self. Instead, she knew, and she did, she would go and greet her with the usual hug.

… Perhaps, one day, she could gain enough trust in herself to let go of the fake rainbow life she was leading. Perhaps.

Ok, I know this isn't exactly cheering. But~ my mind is just like that. Happy things tend to reflect in my drawings. And in writing... eh. Let's just say I've got a good bunch of drabbles revolving around sweet happy love. But... yeah. Anyway.  Byee~
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