Feb. 3rd, 2011

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... I feel weird erasing that entry I still have to do but I won't do it today, still knowing I've saved it in the Notepad... But today, I have to write about more important matters. It should be an entry for the upcoming February 3rd. My birthday. And I won't be here. Greaat.

Sixteen. It's quite a big number. Three fives plus one. When I was younger I didn't even thought I would turn this age. But so I remembered last year, when I turned fifteen. Ahh, lots of important birthdays... but then, it's until 2013 I turn 18... meh, I'm making no sense here.

On Monday I was looking at some oldish pictures (Actually not, they were just taken in 2009), and I realized my face had kind of changed since those days. For the first time, I realized my face is not the exact same. Though it's not really different, I can see the difference. It was more baby-like. And today... I don't know how to describe my face xD Actually, it's still very child-like, but I like it. Round and cute <3

Writing that, now I'm wondering what my face will look like in another two years. Probably still childish. But I'm ok with that .3.' Or so I think.

Anyway. My birthday. On that day, I'll be suffering at a camp. Great way to celebrate, no? Actually I'm kind of excited. For the first time in a while, people other than my family will congratulate me in person. That will feel good... If they remember. Nah, I believe at least one person will remember. I'll have to remind everyone tomorrow (:

It feels quite weird writing about my birthday days before the actual event. At this point, I still don't even feel I'm 15! D: Much less 16. But, with the time, that will sink in, as it has sunk all previous years. Other than the number, I doubt something will change. Before, with every birthday, I was sure I'd grow. But now, .___.' I should accept that being around 165cm is fine too, right?

... Other than what I have written there, I feel like I have nothing else to say about my birthday, just that it feels weird. And, because I need to do other things (As putting all my clothing inside the bag I'm going to take), I shall finish this entry here.

Now, thinking, perhaps it's a good idea that I'm spending my birthday in a camp. You know, how those are always an experience that makes you become more responsible and mature, and it fits very well with the birthday theme. Also, it's LOTR themed :D


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