Jul. 25th, 2010

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 AHH, this is haard...  When I don't like things, I simply... ignore them... so yeah... I dunno what to put in this xDD And I mean, there's... nah, I don't hate them, not even Lila Downs... 

Well... I hate pretty much everything reggae/reggaeton. And... I dunno.. I don't know any artist from those genre, so... can I leave this blank? :D PLEAASE ;O; 

Instead... let's... talk? xDD Ok, really, I can't remember any song~

So... xD I feel so much like a fail... but... let's write about my Saturday, 'kay?

xD I fail so much. )

Meh, great post, isn't it? :D 
Well, what do you want? It's midnight here, and I'm not used to this.
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 :) Oh yes. Ehh... I knew which one I was going to post, but know I don't know if post it with Day 13 or 14. Well, as I'm debating, I'll let you know I didn't know if to post this today (As last entry was after midnight, so posting this today would technically make 2 entries in a day). Well, after realizing I'll be gone from Monday to Wednesday/Thursday, I decided to post it today.

._______.' I don't know what to post... eh... how was called that song again? xD Ok, I found it.

Sale Sobrando -Lila Downs

So why is this song a guilty pleasure? In first place, it's Lila Downs, for God's sake. I mean, even in Mexico, how much is she known? And in top of that... just listen to the song. It's weeird... I think even my father thinks so, and he loves Lila Downs so much~
Even so, the lyrics are the best this song has :)

Wait until (I hope) Thursday to find out which is the song for Day 14. 

Hint? More from Lila Downs ;)


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