Jul. 22nd, 2010

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 For some reason, I'm already wishing these 30 days are over. Now that I finally got to write short, daily entries, I'm dying to go back to my long, full of nonsense and angst scarce entries. But oh well, I guess I get what I wanted. I've got an idea... why not to use the inspiration I poured in my entries to finally write Green Grapes? Yeah, that'd be much more useful. But... ahh, every day I feel more and more apart from him~ I'm finally happily accepting all the happiness and fun I had with those two is over... At least Orangey is always willing to discuss our grades, and the other one (Because to call him Dust Bunny is just... xDDD) will always laugh whenever I mention that dove.

And why I'm writing this? This is supposed to be for Day 25... Ohh, God, not another 15 days -.-'

Fine. The song for today will be:

Pastel Pure -Ali Project

Yeah, Arika's vocals are great. But this is just so slow and sweet that it kills me <.<' It bores me, it makes me wonder why in the first place I downloaded the song. So yeah, go blame my taste. My taste that will gladly prefer a happy song like Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo. 

So yeah. All for today, I get off.


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