Jul. 8th, 2010

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Sorry it's in Spanish xD But, but, look forward at the cut following the meme! (Yeah, I missed LJ-cuts so much now I'm going to abuse them). :D I'll find something to write about!

Lo encontré en FB, so yeaah~ me encantaría hacer aclaraciones en ciertos puntos, y LO HARÉ :D No importa lo que dicen las reglas~ Buahahaha. Not. De verdad, que la Drama Queen en mí sale a flote demasiado e.e'

Kinda lenghty, wasn't it? Heh, I know you love me~ 
Well, as you can see, YOSSY ICON! I love that girl... :D And she's ten years older than me. But, she has more personality than the 8-nin Momusu of today! I think...

:D I had planned to write about my weekend. But then my mother decided I should go to sleep and I had to turn the PC off. So now, two days after I was going to post this, I've forgotten about my weekend xD 

Mmm~ Well, tomorrow I'll start finals of the second school bimester. And then, next Thursday, my summer break starts. Actually, It's like Winter Break, because here in Panama summer comes in December. Yes, I know, seasons are fucked up, but that's what you get by living so close to the Equator. 

Where was I? Ohh, yes, my summer break. Actually, it's just two weeks, and I am lucky, because most schools started March 8, thus having just one week of break. I started classes March 1st, and that's the reason for me having two weeks off. Now, I just hope I don't get sick this week or in Summer Break, because that would be plain pathetic. C'mon! I have had four months and a half for getting sick, I haven't, and I just can't get sick on holidays!

But everyone here knows my luck. So yeah. I think this is all. I'll probably watch Hachiko (West ver) on Saturday, so next post will probably be of movies I've watched in the first half of 2010.

'Til then.


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