Apr. 23rd, 2010

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 I still, I still, I miss you, I'm waiting, waiting forever.

;) first, I've been exploiting Lost My Music too much. But that doesn't have to do with today's post, as always. Err, I shall warn you, because, more than a post, this is like a letter, so, you may not really understand. 

I miss you. I really do. I miss the old years when we were happy and doing random things. You two were my best friends for years, and maybe it's because of it that I still can't get over you.
First, you. How did we meet? I can't remember, but I can remember a lot of moments with you. Like that dove? Yeaah. We were together only the first year we met, remember? And no more until five years later. And in between, there were 4 years of friendship. Looking back, I believe I wasted those years. Because I'm a bad friend and didn't deserve you. Meh. Remember how everyone said we were a couple? Comparing with J., I wonder if I wouldn't miss so much if I had had a crush on you. Perhaps, perhaps. Meh, speaking of that, I feel jealous of B., feeling she receives the attention I may have. -.-'' See? I'm plain stupid.

Little to say, right? Now, you. I'm selfish, because I want to live forever in the period of time you suffered the most. By that time, I liked you, and even so, I had accepted I had no chance. And I was rooting for you, because you had a crush on A., which, sincerely, I hope you have gotten over it, because, yeah. Strangely enough, I was never jealous of her, but, everyone knows I'm pretty weird. I'm selfish, because I enjoyed my friendship when you the most precisely when you were in the border of depression. Oh, yeah, sometimes I wanted to hit you, especially when you didn't eat at all.
I met you when I met D., and I would  have never thought you two would become so important for me. I remember that when somebody told you I liked you, you didn't talk to me again for more than a year and a half. And, telling the truth, I don't exaggerate when I say that my crush on you lasted for 5 years. You are the inspiration for Green Grapes, you should know :)
Recently, I talked again with you. That made me feel even more that I miss you.

Ya, mucho por hoy. (: 


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