Apr. 9th, 2010

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 Yep. It kind of wanders from one thing to another. Connected, yes, but in a weird sense. You'll see~ My clasroom's air conditioner hasn't worked since yesterday, and we've been there, sweating and stuff. One teacher even said to us: 'These classrooms were designed for not having air conditioners'. And yes, they are. They are designed to serve as torture. The only teacher that took pity on us was Physics teacher, who, by the way, is our counselor.

So we went to the ground floor, in front of the 8°B, and in front of the water fountains. We sat there, to work in groups. And as you'll see, this has no relation to what this post is about *nods* The point is, as we were walking to the stairs to go back to our classroom, I turned my head and saw the, well, 8°B.

Aha, and what's your point? you may ask. You should know that two (or three, god knows) years ago I was in that classroom. And, I kind of hated it xD But by the end of the year, I even liked it~

But, that's not the whole thing I wanted to share with you. 10°A of 2010, my clasroom, has a lot of similarities to the 8°B of 2008. I pretty much have only one friend in the classroom (yes, ONE of 40 persons), even if there is a bunch of people that I enjoy talking to. 

And I'm not the same Itze of two years ago, too. I feel that I've changed, even if only by a little. I'm still a shy girl when talking to persons I don't know very well, but not as two years ago. I'm still the annoying know-it-all, but I'm not as annoying as before. I'm starting to learn that I have to let others demonstrate they also know. 

I still love books, and even if my parents (and the school psychologist) banned me from bringing them to class, I keep bringing them. They make me feel safe -and I know that's just ridiculous, thankyou- but most of the time, I don't even read them! No, instead, I can be seen talking. And if you know me, you'll know that I'm a parrot.

There are a lot of small changes like that, and, knowing I've changed makes me feel happy. Makes me feel that, step by step, I'm becoming a better person. Still, looking at the 8°B, and at the 7°D, there are things I miss. There are persons I miss. They are the only thing I miss from my first years of secondary school. And I know they probably won't come back to me. But, I console myself knowing that the memories will stay. And be happy, because I have persons who love me. 

God, I've written a paragraph a bit too cheesy. It was all the chocolate I ate xD


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