Feb. 20th, 2010

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xD when I typed this, it was the first line of Lost My Music that came to mind... and surprisingly, it kind of fits...  Haven't heard Lost My Music, or do you don't know the translation? Here:
That line simply meant...
When I open my eyes and wake up tomorrow,
A new hope will perhaps be born, Good night!

Yuup~ *sigh* Now that I think about it, I haven't written in soo much.. Where am I heading, only writing one time each month? *shakes head* 
Really, I'm sorry for not answering comments.. I just think 'I'll answer them later!' And later never comes...

Anywaaaay~ I think, today you're going to listen me rant, and rant, and rant about a lot of things. Probably not the things I really want to rant about, but something is something, and I'll start with that.

I have noticed I have a terrible defect. It's really hard for me to express my feelings. Not only I act Tsundere, but I find it hard to say things that I really want to do. Hehe, I do realize I'm just repeating me ;D But... it's the sad truth. 

I think it's my shyness. And I'm weird with my problems, too <.<' I mean, I'm perfectly fine with talking and doing speeches in public (my classmates like my speeches, as far as I know), I <3 acting and saying poems, in class you'll see me shouting the answers to any question teachers do, even if I realize they have no sense.. (Heh, some friends may remind an incident with chicken, nitrogen and Science class). You see that face of me, and you'll think 'This girl is really extroverted!'.

And, maybe it's true. I will establish conversation somewhat easily, and things like that. One of my friends, Majo, who is at a catholic girls-only school, has friends who are really different  from me, girls who spend their lives chatting in their Blackberries. And when I happen to be with them, I'll put on a superficial facade, and voilá! It's like we even shared interests! 

So what's the problem? *points to a couple of paragraphs before* That when I try to say something I really... err, feel, It's hard! Even if it's with someone I trust at the 100% (You mean yourself? no, just my two best friends.) I'll have trouble being honest with myself. Yeah, talking about everything and everyone else, but when it comes to me... *sigh* <.<' I want to change that! I believe it has brought me many problems... but, but... uwaaah D: 

Meh, It's over. I'll go and listen to Heartcatch Precure OP and ED to cheer me up. Probably watching Love*Com would leave me in a worst mood than I already am. And I'll go and think about how much of a LJ-friend am I.


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