Jan. 5th, 2010

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Oh, maan~! I can't believe 2009 passed so quickly O: And yes, I do know that it's already January 5, but, that doesn't matter Dx

I don't consider myself superstitious, except when it comes to New Year. Oh yeah... I do a lot of things that are supposed to give you good luck next year: Money inside your shoes, carry a travel bag, be awake, lalalalala... tl;dr I believe that everything you do on New Year Eve and January 1st will reflect how your year will be.

Because of that... I'm full of hopes for 2010! One of my resolutions was to keep my New Year money for all the year -.-' I know I'm getting my birthday gift, but... I'll spend that soon, I need MOAR moneyy~~! Ok, not... But, you know what Artemis Fowl motto is: Aurum potestas est (Gold is Power).

Ok... I'm also sure that this year I'll be surrounded by friends, because, for first time in my life, I had my New Year's dinner with two friends of mine. They aren't my best friends, and they're going soon back to Mexico, but, it doesn't matter!

Meh, my 15th birthday is coming soon, D: For those who don't know, in Latin America the 15th birthday of a girl is very important, and usually a big party is celebrated... Dx but I'm totally lost, I don't know how can I deliver the invitations to some persons (we're in summer, which means, no school until... a month after my birthday), I'm not sure of how much money I want to spend on it.... Uwaaaaah DX someone help meeee!

Much ranting about that. .-.' Ok, I'll stop the post here, or nothing will prevent me from more ranting. See ya :3


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