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When will this effin meme finish? >.< I'm getting tired of it. And I haven't been able to think of a good song for my funeral in like two weeks.

Because, I would love to have some kind of music that reminded everyone that a soul that was worth much, a soul that did a lot of things just died. I want to be remembered forever. Yeah. Perhaps Spectral Music-esque? Or Opera, classic music. Music with an impact. Yeah.

You know, those random playlist memes? In the question for 'A song for your funeral', a happy song always comes up. ALWAYS. And yes, right, I want everyone to be happy remembering me, but a happy, cheerful song is way too much. *still thinking* Why no track comes up to mind?

Gaah, I'll have to watch the play we did for Christmas to see if I find something, because if not, I'll have to put Huapango, which is the only classical song that I clearly remember. But it's not what I'm looking for. Better not to rewatch the play, you know, the main villain just entered stage and I'm already cracking up. Because I remember all practices and good moments. MEH. Huapango will have to suffice.

Huapango -José Pablo Moncayo

I love this piece. It irradiates energy, and even if it's quite long, it's catchy, and kind of pumps me up~ How could anyone not love it? Yeah. Perhaps that is why it wouldn't be a bad song to play at my funeral. Happy, yet somewhat solemn, and it's... magnificent is the word? Yes, probably. Now that I think about it, Huapango is what I want the world to see in me, so it's a perfect choice.

Until tomorrow, just 6 days more!
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 Hi, everybody~!
Long time without posting... Meh, I was grounded, and lately, my inspiration had been gone. Ana had it, I'm sure of it u.ú

But do you know something? Even if I'm not inspired, the need to write is still there, and it huuurts... So I wrote in the school. The last week I wrote three pages, which I'm going to scan and put on here. Today I wrote another one, which I'll transcribe for today entry. 

And it is as it follows:

so short, really, but I love LJ-cuts xD )
Yeah, that was all. It looked longer in paper, I swear! But that may be because my handwriting is SO round and big xD I still like my handwriting though. It used to be horrible, so I think it's a progress, and a big one. You'll see my handwriting, I sweear~ I'll scan tonight to post tomorrow :) 

And finally, I wanted to say something I was thinking about in the morning. Voice is an useful tool, so is the brush and the pencil. But my favorite tool is the PEN. Why? Because it takes too much practice to be able to handle it correctly, and to be able to transmit emotions with written words. That's why my dream is to be a recognized writer, because in a way, it would be like reaching perfection.

That's all :)
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When I'm bored, it usually means that I've got no inspiration to do anything. But sometimes, it happens that it gives me inspiration to write. Even so, it's kinda difficult when next to you, two ten-year old girls are being noisy and playing when you want them to shut up so you can be able to sleep.

So yeah, I'm here, wanting to write, but unknowing the subject. Doesn't it happen to you ever? I constantly suffer from that sensation, usually without the two girls. I've decided something. When I'm feeling like that, I'll let my mind flow, let the words come out. And God knows, maybe something good will come out of the moment.

 Writing. Among my friends, I've got at least two writers. Really good writers. And that makes me wonder: Am I a good writer as well? Or perhaps I've lived almost a decade believing my writing was worth praise, when the truth is other. Sad, but it's really a sign that my self-steem is still low. 

Those moments don't last, because another thought soon fills my mind. I'm driven by pure laziness. I don't even try, because I'm too lazy to do it. I don't write because I don't want to think. So perhaps, I'm good, but due to the little practice, and fault of my own material to compare, I end up feeling subpar to my writer friends. 

I should take a challenge. Always writing when I'm inspired, and if I don't find a theme, just let the words flow, as today. Soon, at least, I'll have a diary of my thoughts. Perhaps I could understand me better then. 

Really, now that I think about it, here on LJ I usually refrain me from posting ideas that when they occurred to me were fabulous because I end up thinking it will not interest anyone and will only serve to fill the Friends Page of my flist. Yeah, I should not listen to that part of me, right? Especially because it used to be different, I used to don't care about it. If I do that, I'll write more, about life, fandom, everything. Let's think it as a goal, right, me?

And sadly, the bright moment ended. Two ten-year old girls is too much for me.


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