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Uhm... I've got nothing to do in my vacations, so I thought... Why not spam my flist with pictures? :D I took pictures from my bedroom (I'm going to do that later, so I can x-post to [ profile] ourbedrooms . I also took pictures from random things I have, like a show and tell post :3
my possessions :D )

Ok, that is all. I'm posting these 8 pictures, though I'd prefer to post more pictures. In a few hours, I'll be partaking in a play, so, if I don't post this today, I'll never do, because, next picspam post will be about my play. I have too pictures from my bedroom, later, too...

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And so, January passed away...
I'm becoming more and more nervous as February 4 comes. I mean, this time, I do feel prepared, I know everyone else has also put effort in learning all techniques (Yes, i'm idealizing). But, for some strange reason, I'm even more nervous than I was before the CADIPAS, and it's not because the CANAPAS is a national camp. It has more to do with my experience at the CADIPAS. No, I didn't suffer too much. I didn't get too tired. I didn't worked too much (ok... I did work, but it could have been worst). In the CADIPAS there was mud, but in the CANAPAS there will be insects...
-I just realized this doesn't makes sense, but I'll keep writing =.=-
Anyway, my decision is already taken, and I can't change it. Just... wish me luck. That can be my birthday gift: an unexpected victory...

In other things... I got totally obsessed with Barking at the Moon in the Kudai version(Spanish)! First, it's even better than the original, second, OMG! I feel it's full of Bolt/Mittens ship! Right now, I'm searching for a download link... I'll maybe share it when I find it.  And, that was a mini-mini-mini moment of fangirlism from me. Imagine how are normal fangirl moments...
See ya!
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Yesterday my dad installed a router, so we could have internet access in all of my house! That means that now I can use the laptop in the living room, while watching TV, or in the kitchen, while eating something!

It also means that now I can connect to NIntendo Wi-Fi with Nintendo DS games that have Wi-Fi functions! I will be able to trade Pokémon!

Speaking of Wi-Fi trades, they're very unbalanced. They offer a Piplup Lvl 1 for a Palkia lvl 100! To start, I offered a Turtwig named Terry, Lvl 17, for a Piplup of any level... I'll see.

Changing subject, I grew! I grew from 159 cms to 161! Isn't that wonderful? And yes, I've some traume with my height... I don't want to be small... I wonder If I'll grow more than the Sheep. Then, she will be a really small Sheep, or I'll be a really tall Apple...

And, I have finally made my decision. I'll go to the CANAPAS. I don't know if I had enough will power to go, and sleep 4 nights in a place that is practically the jungle, or if I hadn't will power to say that I wasn't going... Tomorrow we'll be going to the place of the camp, as part of the extra meetings...

Waaaah! I don't want to think in my birthday because of that! Oh! Another thing, WITCH is being sold here again! Yippie!
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Bueno... es domingo 2tantos de octubre, esta lloviendo y yo estoy sola *pone cara de sufrimiento*... Ya, mucho. Empezamos de alegria a melancolía a narrar los sucesos de estos ultimos tiempos.

Ayer fuimos (si, en plural XP! Fui con la 4) a una galería de tiro que queda en Bella Vista. *w* Por primera vez en mi vida manejé un rifle (no se nota mi emoción?) Estuvimos ahí como una hora, teníamos 100 balitas y varios blancos (bien chiquitos!). Claro que yo no le di ni una vez al blanco a la distancia que tenía que ser, pero ajustandolo para que quedara mas cerca si le di. Ahora, reflexionando me di cuenta de que muchas de las cosas que he hecho estos 18 ultimos meses no las hubiera hecho de no ser porque estoy en los Scouts. Quiero decir, acampar en el zoologico (brrr... lodo...), en la escuela (boo... de noche...) escalar, conocer a todos las personas que he conocido...
Tambien ha influido en mi pensamiento sobre trabajo en equipo. Me he dado cuenta de que se hacerlo, si me llegan a tomar en cuenta y no excluir (como me pasa en la escuela).Aahhh~

mŠs reflexiones reflexivas )
Hecho esto, cierro. A ver si llego a tomar fotos de mi Familia P.Luche y mi WITCHlección! Ciao!
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Y as√≠, hemos concluido el primer bimestre del a√Īo escolar! Hoy, 8 de mayo han empezado los examenes bimestrales, y Octavo Grado abri√≥ esta semana con Contabilidad y M√ļsica.
Sorprendentemente, me fue mejor en Contabilidad (Promedio actual: 3.9), que en Musica (Promedio: Mucho mas alto que contabilidad), y todo porque se me olvid√≥ el himno nacional! T_T Acabo de terminar de estudiar (es un decir) Ciencias y Religi√≥n, materias que en parte son faciles (si, la Ciencia me gusta y Religi√≥n es facil!) y en parte dificiles (Muchas cosas que recordar  en Ciencias y falta de animo para religi√≥n).

Bueno, entre otras cosas, los unicos nudos que se hacer son el rizo y el simple, los mas basicos. Para el CADIPAS tengo que aprender los demás... Ah, por fin acabé con Suzumiya, me falta una parte del penultimo episodio de Lucky Star, y voy por el episodio 23 de Ouran. Me pregunto que anime seguirá...
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Aqu√≠ estoy, cansadisima, regresando de un campamento de 5 d√≠as y de paso, escribiendo mi primera entrada aqu√≠. Primero, de m√≠: Tengo 12 a√Īos, vivo en Panam√°, pero soy mexicana,  y voy a 7¬į. Aqu√≠ espero contar todas mis vainiaventuras, empezando por: El Campamento Centenario del Movimiento Scout.


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