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 Ah, last Monday, a horrible thing started. A thing starting with s. Eh, what is this that I hear? Yeah. You're right. School started. And now I'm in 11th grade. Yup, just a year (Or two? dunno) for my graduation from High School... and I'll enter real world... so sad D;

Ok, obviously I'm in a dramatic mood today, I don't really know why. Perhaps is because all this week I've been sleeping less than I need, or because at this exact moment, I'm dying of tiredness. But! I can't go to sleep unless I finish this. Goes against my goals. So I think I'll tell you about school instead.

I ended up in the B classroom. You see, at my school, they rotate students every year so when we graduate, we know pretty much everyone in our prom. And, if you follow me in twitter, you would have seen I was a bit afraid by thinking who would I end up with. Everything came out fine~ I'm in a class with my best friend, and Buri. Yep. Awesome girl :D And supposedly, I had another good friend, but she's at New York City atm, and they changed her to another classroom, so that every class had the same number of students ;O;'' meh.

This year... eh. I'll have to work harder if I want to be among the top students. Buri is a good student, Bre... well, she is there. But also, I got in a classroom with a bunch of people that get good grades. Like Orangey. But Orangey is pretty much the perfect student. I'd like to know what a typical school day is for him. And I assure you, just for, curiousity .___.'' That boy scares me. But he's fun, so everything's alright. I think. 
/Side note, I don't like my chopped English... it's just my mood, though.

We also have new subjects, like French, Logic, Philosophy... and, eh, I think those are all? In the other subjects, it's currently a review of the last topic we studied last year, such as in Math, we are slowly reviewing Trigonometry, in Chemistry, Ionic bonds, and so on. For Physics and Chemistry, my brain hurts, during three months I hadn't thought so much as in this week.  The good side is that I had a Chemistry test today, and I think I did well... I'm expecting a perfect grade and a star. Because our Chemistry teacher gives us stars when we get more than 4.5 in a test <3

Today I'm just being childish, and I guess that if you aren't me, then you aren't really going to understand any of these paragraphs. Meh, I'll try next time. Meanwhile, love me. (:
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

Last Sunday I gave [ profile] spinflowers a kidney (1000 points). In April on a flight to LA, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points). Last Wednesday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole [ profile] curelime 's purse (30 points). Last week I gave [ profile] ab_96_09 a Dutch Oven (-10 points). Last Monday I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points).

Overall, I've been nice (1306 points). For Christmas I deserve a Lego set!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

^ that was stolen from [ profile] xkiki0nicex ~ WAIT WHAT?! I have been ultra super nice and all I get is a Lego set?! D: xDD lol, these kind of things totally hate me.
I need CHICKEN :D )

And with that, I'm gone. I should put something into [ profile] simplegnommish ...
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Now this entry is much easier for me. Because, yeaah~ :3

Today... wasn't a really good day talking about school, except that today the fact I've been blessed with good memory was proven once again. But oh well. I did horribly in the tests I had for today, perhaps because I didn't even try to study. But, both breaks are heaven<3

I really love everyone who is my friend~ and realize that in that sense, this is the best year I've had ever since the trio days. It's even better than the trio days, actually. And as a sidenote, yes, Trio Days, just because I love nicknaming everything and anything. I have a pretty big circle of friends, and I feel happy for it. And in a certain way I don't want this year to end. I like my classroom so much, even if some days they exasperate me -0-' But you've gotta learn to deal with all kinds of persons, don't you?

xD I wonder why I'm writing all this, not my character, no no. Or perhaps it is. Sometimes I don't even know what's my character anymore. That's sad~ At least I do know what my hobbies are, etc, etc. That's something. That's a start.

On to the song for today~ :D

:D being responsible, Itze gets out of here!

PS. I updated the master meme list there -> :)
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Today, song is first, then short story of today :)

Watashi no Tsubasa -ED of Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!

It's pretty much my favorite song of Doremi. The music is calming, the lyrics are nostalgic, and I kind of connect them to some years ago... Bwaaahh~ T^T Diego and Joshua, I'm still not over them. We slowly fell apart, but... I miss them. xDD Do you know something? The fact that this song is played in the last episode, sang by all the Doremi cast make me even more nostalgic.
no, it's not only one song :P )

Enough sadness. Today I start my Winter Break. What? you must be asking, if it's only July. Well, here on Panama, if I haven't wrote it before, we have 9 or 10 months of Winter, or Rainy Season, and 2 or 3 of Summer. That means, Summer is from December onwards. More or less. It's then when we have Summer Break, and this years, while most schools have just one week of Winter Break, mine got two because we started classes one week earlier. 

And, I'm feeling bored, because I mean, today we finished final exams, I should be at the mall or somewhere, having fun! But no, I had to stay to babysit my sister -.-'

:D Tomorrow, I'll write about something more~ Sad things, hopefully.
See you~!

PD. Ohh, by the way, I started reading Bakuman. It's really interesting, and I liked the characters instantly  :3 TAKAGII <3
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 My teachers hate us, fact. Two hard tests almost in a row. Spanish is comprehensible: The teacher has always been like that, and this was our sixth final exam with her... But Bio teacher too?! Ok, perhaps I didn't study enough (I know I didn't), but I tried! I was sleepy, and I didn't understand what I was reading, so nothing stayed in my memory. Almost nothing, other people did more badly.

So, enough of that. A song that makes me happy... I thought in the morning about it. And quickly the answer came to me~

Iremos Juntos -Timbiriche

Sorry for poor video quality, and... It's in Spanish xD The song is the Spanish version of We'll Go Together, of Grease. It's sung by a Mexican group, Timbiriche~ And, yeah, it makes me happy :) It's a song of 'we're friends so everything's right'... Ahh~ yes xD And it's also catchy! 

Well, I'm liking this of posting the song and a little about my day :3 It's a great exercise.
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 xD Second Day and I'm already forgetting I've got to do this meme. Least favorite song, huh? :/ Starting with the difficult choices already? Ok, I can interpret it as the one song from my favorites that I don't like as much as the others, right? Well, I can't choose that one because I'm saving it for Day 14. And that one too... 

Ehh, well... K-on!!. I was talking about that series at school, so my choice will be from Houkago Tea Time. 

Which song will I share with you? )

AHH! Four tests and I'm out of school for two beautiful weeks! <3 Today we had to do Spanish test, and ohh God. At least 100 of the 160 students in 10° felt like they failed. It was HARD. As I said, when I don't finish the test in the first 30 minutes, it is hard. I know I didn't do SO bad, but still, I'm scared... I had a relatively good average on Spanish, and now I'm feeling it went down the flush (?). And tomorrow I've got English (Ohh, really easy except when the teacher makes the grammar theory LITERAL), and Biology, so long I think I'll have to study tomorrow in the previous hours. :/

Well, off with today's report.

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Sorry it's in Spanish xD But, but, look forward at the cut following the meme! (Yeah, I missed LJ-cuts so much now I'm going to abuse them). :D I'll find something to write about!

Lo encontré en FB, so yeaah~ me encantaría hacer aclaraciones en ciertos puntos, y LO HARÉ :D No importa lo que dicen las reglas~ Buahahaha. Not. De verdad, que la Drama Queen en mí sale a flote demasiado e.e'

Kinda lenghty, wasn't it? Heh, I know you love me~ 
Well, as you can see, YOSSY ICON! I love that girl... :D And she's ten years older than me. But, she has more personality than the 8-nin Momusu of today! I think...

:D I had planned to write about my weekend. But then my mother decided I should go to sleep and I had to turn the PC off. So now, two days after I was going to post this, I've forgotten about my weekend xD 

Mmm~ Well, tomorrow I'll start finals of the second school bimester. And then, next Thursday, my summer break starts. Actually, It's like Winter Break, because here in Panama summer comes in December. Yes, I know, seasons are fucked up, but that's what you get by living so close to the Equator. 

Where was I? Ohh, yes, my summer break. Actually, it's just two weeks, and I am lucky, because most schools started March 8, thus having just one week of break. I started classes March 1st, and that's the reason for me having two weeks off. Now, I just hope I don't get sick this week or in Summer Break, because that would be plain pathetic. C'mon! I have had four months and a half for getting sick, I haven't, and I just can't get sick on holidays!

But everyone here knows my luck. So yeah. I think this is all. I'll probably watch Hachiko (West ver) on Saturday, so next post will probably be of movies I've watched in the first half of 2010.

'Til then.

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 I hope so... And well...
For me, life is a seesaw, And, you can only accept what life brings you, because if it’s a bad moment for you, soon it will become better. And like that, I think, after a week or so of worrying because I had dropped to second place in my class, I managed to get my first place back. And I really hope that the grades that aren’t on the web yet don’t affect the positions anymore.

But well... Today, I'm going to write, about... Love. Yes, Love Momozono. No, I'm joking xD But someday, I WILL write about her.
No, today... ahh, I've been wondering a lot of things. Things that make me all confused, and other things that make me happy~ Let's start with a. Orangey, we will call him :3 

Well, I met him in fourth grade. I don't remember if he sat in front or behind me, but the point was that we sat close. One day, we started talking about... Pokémon. And we kept on, and we kept on. The point was, that I started to like him .3. And, for those things of  life, a gossipy classmate told him, and he stopped talking to me for all that remained in 4th grade, and the whole fifth grade. Then, in sixth grade, he became friend of my best friend, and in the reccesses we were together, laughing and doing random things. This continued in seventh grade and a bit of eight grade. And I liked him all the time. 

Ohh, I should probably mention that since  fifth grade, he liked a girl we'll call AL. It was around this point -Seventh Grade- that I gave up on him, and pulled a sort of 'I want my Beloved to be Happy', and decided to help him in everything I could. 

But, oh, well, the point here is that, we distanced for reasons that I can't remember now, and we got to a point where we almost never talked. And, it was during that period that I centered my attention in another boy. And that will be a story for another moment, because it's more complicated, and I'm even more confused about that. 

Meh, this year, we have started talking again, mainly because he is the only person I can talk about grades. And I'm starting to feel I never stopped liking him. T^T God, it has been YEARS! Why can't I get over him?! Somebody explain it to me?

Enough for Today. I don't want to go to sleep like I am, all troubled. Love you all~! <3
PS. God, the internet made me super scared. I thought this had been erased. Thanks God it wasn't like that.
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 On Friday, I got UP from BlockBuster *O*... My, it was even better than when I saw it at the movie theater. Really, it's a masterpiece, as practically anything made by Pixar. The music, especially Married Life~ It reflects very well the movie... The animation is wonderful... Ok, much fangirling UP and Carl and... RUSSELL <3

But oh, well... I should be studying Geography and Religion. Yes, Religion. Why? I'm in a Catholic school (No, not girls-only, thanks God). They're the easiest subjects we have ._.' so I don't feel any urge to open the book and read. Because if I did, I'd be reading the topics we'll study in the fourth bimester, so when we are in November, I'll be bored because I'll already know the things teachers are explaining. Yeah. That's why my mother used to forbid me from reading school books before classes started. :3 But I'm a reader by heart, what can I do?

Anyway, I made a friend read some of my favorite books :D 
Currently, he is reading Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code and he just finished The Witches, by Roald Dahl. Oh, and The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, by Isabel Allende~ I'm sure I was one of the persons who impulsed him to read, back in eight grade, when I lent him The Neverending Story  (Michael Ende). To make others share the same interests as you feels so great~

Ehm, I made an account at Formspring! :D
For those of you who don't know what Formspring is, it's a place where you create your account (obvious is obvious, yeah), and you ask questions. ^^'' I'm so bad at descriptions... anyway, you can visit my profile here:

On another topic, last Saturday I went with some friends to the mall, we went to Space Playworld and bowling... And then, we walked through the entire mall to meet my parents. And we wanted to eat something~ Me and a friend ate a hamburger from Mac Donalds, and another friend bought some 'Crunchy Potatoes' from Taco Bell. And Taco Bell. GAAH, Taco Bell. I hate persons who really think Taco Bell is Mexican food. <.<' That's ignorance, boys! If you want to taste Mexican food, go to Sanborns! Or... I don't know, but NOT Taco Bell. C'mon, Chalupas aren't exactly like tacos... And, as far as I know, 'Crunchy Potatoes' have nothing to do with Mexico.

*sigh* It's so fun to read me writing and ranting about this, because, I'm the weirdest Mexican you'll ever meet. I HATE HATE HATE spicy food, and heavily dislike most Mexican Food (Tacos aren't Love for me. Ridiculous story), and even so, I'm defending my culture. :D

Ok, I think I wrote too much for today. Au revoir.
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 Yep. It kind of wanders from one thing to another. Connected, yes, but in a weird sense. You'll see~ My clasroom's air conditioner hasn't worked since yesterday, and we've been there, sweating and stuff. One teacher even said to us: 'These classrooms were designed for not having air conditioners'. And yes, they are. They are designed to serve as torture. The only teacher that took pity on us was Physics teacher, who, by the way, is our counselor.

So we went to the ground floor, in front of the 8°B, and in front of the water fountains. We sat there, to work in groups. And as you'll see, this has no relation to what this post is about *nods* The point is, as we were walking to the stairs to go back to our classroom, I turned my head and saw the, well, 8°B.

Aha, and what's your point? you may ask. You should know that two (or three, god knows) years ago I was in that classroom. And, I kind of hated it xD But by the end of the year, I even liked it~

But, that's not the whole thing I wanted to share with you. 10°A of 2010, my clasroom, has a lot of similarities to the 8°B of 2008. I pretty much have only one friend in the classroom (yes, ONE of 40 persons), even if there is a bunch of people that I enjoy talking to. 

And I'm not the same Itze of two years ago, too. I feel that I've changed, even if only by a little. I'm still a shy girl when talking to persons I don't know very well, but not as two years ago. I'm still the annoying know-it-all, but I'm not as annoying as before. I'm starting to learn that I have to let others demonstrate they also know. 

I still love books, and even if my parents (and the school psychologist) banned me from bringing them to class, I keep bringing them. They make me feel safe -and I know that's just ridiculous, thankyou- but most of the time, I don't even read them! No, instead, I can be seen talking. And if you know me, you'll know that I'm a parrot.

There are a lot of small changes like that, and, knowing I've changed makes me feel happy. Makes me feel that, step by step, I'm becoming a better person. Still, looking at the 8°B, and at the 7°D, there are things I miss. There are persons I miss. They are the only thing I miss from my first years of secondary school. And I know they probably won't come back to me. But, I console myself knowing that the memories will stay. And be happy, because I have persons who love me. 

God, I've written a paragraph a bit too cheesy. It was all the chocolate I ate xD
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 I was doing so great... A month and everything was fine. But it couldn't stay like that, right? right?! 

Because you want to read about my problems, I know it. )
:3 Now I feel better, yes I do. Oh, tomorrow I'll put the Kink Meme at the top, so if you want to see the most recent updates, scroll past it. 
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It isn't official yet, but the school year is over for me. I did my accounting test today, and tomorrow is the last day of school. I'm going, because at home I don't have anything to do, even if I don't need to do the exams of tomorrow.

About the rest of my exams, they were really short. Spanish was pretty simple, except for a part where we had to classify stanzas. Math, easy: I had the 'oh, no! you finished way too quick!' feeling, but I think everything went alright. Accounting's practic part was easy, but the theory, well, I didn't made well in that D: I got 5.0 on the other exams, so I didn't do them.

The next week I have to go to school to see my name in the lists of the persons that passed the year, and then, I will have (officially) graduated from 9th grade. After that, I'll have three months of fun, and relax. On Saturday evening I'm going to a place called Cerro Azul. We aren't going to stay long, because my sister still has school.

Hoeeee~! The year passed so quickly, and it was a good year. Even if there were things I would like to correct, the good things outnumber them. And, not only in school, but in my whole life. I realized a lot of things, that will make my existence better.

Enough spam for today. I still have to write MagiFlavors. I'm kind of stuck in the middle. I have some paragraphs written on my pad, so, I'll type into the computer and see what happens. Currently, I'm starting the fourth page. Himeka and Yuki have just met, and they should be encountering Cinnamon and Chilli in a page and a half.

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Oh, right. I finally started my exams week C: I'm happy, because that meanst that, after November 21st, I'll have three months to relax and not think about school.

I started today with Science. We are doing Physics, so that was all our exam. It wasn't too hard, and I'm a bit scared because of that D: Anyway, I know I studied, and I'm sure it will pay off.

We are going home early, at 10 AM. That means today we had two hours before the exam, which lasted an entire hour, and then the recess and home.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, we have Spanish. Even if I'm at the top of my class in that subject (I've got 4.2), my grades weren't good enough to be exempted from that test. It shouldn't be hard, because, mainly, it's all about reading and memorizing things. But grammar is evil! and the teacher doesn't help at all!

Meanwhile, I'm still writing chapter 1 of Precure MagiFlavors. I know where I'm heading, but, the words won't translate the way I want from my mind to the pa- well, the Word Document. And that's another problem. I tend to write at school, to avoid boredom, but then, at home, I'm lazy to type what I've written to paper into Word. I have to extend myself, because my handwriting is so big two pages of it will make less than a page and half of word. I wonder if I should write summaries at paper and then write the complete thing at Word? Well, at least I'm commiting myself to write something, and that's good.

Meme day 5

Nov. 7th, 2009 04:34 pm
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For one week, recommend / share:
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: a site
Day 5: a YouTube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

bo-ring recs... )
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I can't believe this. How I passed from being a top student to just receiving notes like 3.5?
How I passed from being a student which name was known by almost every teacher to just a student who mixes with the rest? And that's exactly my biggest fear: to be classified as one of the rest. Not to be outstanding, that is.
Around me, my friends are getting better grades than me, when last year they had lower grades. I don't feel good, it makes me feel like I'm a fail, even if I know it's just because I don't study when I have to.
BTW, some students of La Salle are currently at the hospital, struggling between life and death; they were involved in some kind of accident. I hope they don't die, even if I didn't know them.
And those are the deppressing stories...

I'm getting better at drawing! Also my linearts are better, but I can't understand SAI totally. My inspiration ended... I got three Cybus! _Vener_, _SakuraBunny_ and Herkla! Good Bye!
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w00t?! I'm in ninth grade? I can't still believe that. It's not because it was difficult to pass (it was really easy). But, I still feel myself outplaced, like if I belong to 8th grade. And I'm not the only one. To mention one, Beh was accidentally writing 8B in her notebooks instead of 9B.

Teachers are... like every other teacher. Of course, the Social Studies teacher isn't like any other teacher.  He is so... well, like... clumsy? You'd have to see him to understand.  The first week, he didn't explained the subject well, causing me to not understanding anything and dailing on the first test (Seriously, 2.7 is the lowest score I've had on Social Studies. Ever). The good thing is that I repeated the test and I got 5.0 the second time I did it (and together, it would be a 3.8).
Of course my classmates don't help at all. They spend the class yelling, teasing the teacher, and making his explanation even worse. I don't know what I'll do... Maybe study for the first time in my short life?
Of course, excepting that, Social Studies will be the best class to sleep, draw, talk, listen music and everything else other teachers don't allow. But...  I miss Hildaura Dx

On other subject, i don't know what I'll do next year, when I'm 15. Maybe a small party? Nah, I don't like parties that much. Going to Disneyland with my family? maybe. Going in a cruise with some friends? OwO! Going in a trip for girls who are 15? x3 good option!
so... yeah.

Oh~ I also have to scan some sketches of 'Ringo-Sheep' charas to lineart. We've got some new additions:
List of Characters )So, that's it for this post ^-^

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Yesterday I did what I never thought of doing: Go shopping!
I went with Brenda, to the Multiplaza, because I convinced her of going to the Scout's Meeting. When I came back, my poor feet hurted... What I did? Well, I ate a small pizza at PizzaHut, I walked, walked and walked in the mall, ate Cinnabon, entered GameMasters and EstiGames, etc, etc and etc. We also found Diego, who was eating an 'icecream' at Dippin' Dots, and Mabe, who was walking alone.
And the best of all: I found Howl's Moving Castle! Yes! The book written by Diana Wynne Jones! I've wanted it for months! I want to start reading it now, too bad tomorrow I start bimonthly exams... with Math! Auch... Well, see ya!


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