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 I was doing so great... A month and everything was fine. But it couldn't stay like that, right? right?! 

Because you want to read about my problems, I know it. )
:3 Now I feel better, yes I do. Oh, tomorrow I'll put the Kink Meme at the top, so if you want to see the most recent updates, scroll past it. 
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xD when I typed this, it was the first line of Lost My Music that came to mind... and surprisingly, it kind of fits...  Haven't heard Lost My Music, or do you don't know the translation? Here:
That line simply meant...
When I open my eyes and wake up tomorrow,
A new hope will perhaps be born, Good night!

Yuup~ *sigh* Now that I think about it, I haven't written in soo much.. Where am I heading, only writing one time each month? *shakes head* 
Really, I'm sorry for not answering comments.. I just think 'I'll answer them later!' And later never comes...

Anywaaaay~ I think, today you're going to listen me rant, and rant, and rant about a lot of things. Probably not the things I really want to rant about, but something is something, and I'll start with that.

I have noticed I have a terrible defect. It's really hard for me to express my feelings. Not only I act Tsundere, but I find it hard to say things that I really want to do. Hehe, I do realize I'm just repeating me ;D But... it's the sad truth. 

I think it's my shyness. And I'm weird with my problems, too <.<' I mean, I'm perfectly fine with talking and doing speeches in public (my classmates like my speeches, as far as I know), I <3 acting and saying poems, in class you'll see me shouting the answers to any question teachers do, even if I realize they have no sense.. (Heh, some friends may remind an incident with chicken, nitrogen and Science class). You see that face of me, and you'll think 'This girl is really extroverted!'.

And, maybe it's true. I will establish conversation somewhat easily, and things like that. One of my friends, Majo, who is at a catholic girls-only school, has friends who are really different  from me, girls who spend their lives chatting in their Blackberries. And when I happen to be with them, I'll put on a superficial facade, and voilá! It's like we even shared interests! 

So what's the problem? *points to a couple of paragraphs before* That when I try to say something I really... err, feel, It's hard! Even if it's with someone I trust at the 100% (You mean yourself? no, just my two best friends.) I'll have trouble being honest with myself. Yeah, talking about everything and everyone else, but when it comes to me... *sigh* <.<' I want to change that! I believe it has brought me many problems... but, but... uwaaah D: 

Meh, It's over. I'll go and listen to Heartcatch Precure OP and ED to cheer me up. Probably watching Love*Com would leave me in a worst mood than I already am. And I'll go and think about how much of a LJ-friend am I.
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Uhm, siento que necesito postear algo...
Parloteo sin sentido. Saltadlo, por su bien. )

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Ok, did I already told you I was losing faith in humanity?
I was looking through the TS forums ( (I'm in it for the lulz, after all), and I saw the following pictures...
First the Writer's Block question, and now this?
(Cuts because... Big Images, as you will see)

The Horror pt-1 )

Converse... I always liked that brand, and now THIS! T-T

The Horror Pt-2 )

Ok, so a board game. I know they're trying to get as much money as possible from the pockets of teens, but... WTF? If it had been a Scene it ok, but... No comments. BTW, I saw the game yesterday, at Felix B. Maduro, but I couldn't take pictures (employees watching D:)

The Horror pt-3 )

*sigh* could it get worse?
Yes, it could... The mega horror... )

Brr... what scares me the most is the fact all this was made for a shitty book, with an even more shitty movie. HP never got so many items like these, rightie? And I'm pretty much aware that wands, clothes (including the ones for Cosplay), and other things were made... But we have to remark that HP IS a good book, written by a GOOD writer, and with BETTER charas.

Ok, I'm open to flames. Go on, twihards who could be reading this... If you are open to different opinions, please look at Twilight Sucks and search for Arzim's Rebuttals. Those are a compilation of reasons about why we dislike Twilight (Almost everyone has the same reasons for disliking it, no wonders)

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Hace bastantes dias, una amiga me prestò (le arrebatè) un libro, sin siquiera verlo. Era de Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez, Los fantasmas del Espejo. Trata de una chica que se vuelve anorexica/bulimica. El libro me dejò medio sacada de onda, porque yo (tengo un ligero sobrepeso... y un chiste que dejarè para otra ocasiòn), pero aun asi, diria que me acepto perfectamente, y no puedo creer que haya personas que se destruyan asi.

En el libro venian recomendaciones que dan las paginas Pro Ana y Mìa, y son realmente ridiculas! Me dan unas ganas de embutirles comida a estas chicas.... Lo peor, es que las siguen, la mayoria acepta su anorexia/bulimia, pero son incapaces de reconocer que necesitan ayuda... Yo me pregunto, serà acaso la epoca adolescente?

Dicen: 'Las burlas de las personas me llevaron a esto', 'Estàn envidiosas porque nosotras tenemos fuerza de voluntad', entre otras idioteces. El hecho que hagan tanto caso a esas burlas significa una sola cosa: no tienen autoestima para combatir presiòn de grupo. Lo que estas chicas necesitan es un Psicologo y un Nutricionista, nada mas.

Fuerza de voluntad? Fuerza de voluntad es lo que no tuvieron para combatir el problema, digo yo. Porque muchas veces las llevan a centros de rehabilitacion, y no pueden/quieren ayudarse.

Buscan su thinspiration en modelos y actrices que estan en los huesos. Me pregunto si es que no ven que estàn horribles, pero no por exceso de grasa, sino por falta de ella. Ok, busquen su thinspiration, pero en personas normales, por favor!

No saben que aparte de hacerle daño a ellas mismas, lastiman a las personas que son cercanas a ellas... Grr, probablemente esta rant no tuvo sentido... no se supone que lo tenga...
Ciao! I'll write another day, when I'm calm...
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So, the other day, I was chatting with a friend, when I noticed she had this phrase as personal message. She ended it with: 'when you can have a vampire in a Volvo?'... Yeah... I could start a rant over Twilight, but, it's still early, and I don't want to be in rant mood the rest of the day ^^'...
The point is, how would I end that phrase? When I first read it, automatically I thought 'when I can have the whole Host Club?'. Certainly, the Host Club is better than a vampire...
Eh... so, this is the end of the post? I could go into a long rant about why the host club is better than that vampire, but...

In other things, I'm going to watch Twilight later, with some friends. I must note that I'll go to be able to criticise the whole thing. Uwaaa~h! See you later! (I'm going to make another post but...)
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Bueno... es domingo 2tantos de octubre, esta lloviendo y yo estoy sola *pone cara de sufrimiento*... Ya, mucho. Empezamos de alegria a melancolía a narrar los sucesos de estos ultimos tiempos.

Ayer fuimos (si, en plural XP! Fui con la 4) a una galería de tiro que queda en Bella Vista. *w* Por primera vez en mi vida manejé un rifle (no se nota mi emoción?) Estuvimos ahí como una hora, teníamos 100 balitas y varios blancos (bien chiquitos!). Claro que yo no le di ni una vez al blanco a la distancia que tenía que ser, pero ajustandolo para que quedara mas cerca si le di. Ahora, reflexionando me di cuenta de que muchas de las cosas que he hecho estos 18 ultimos meses no las hubiera hecho de no ser porque estoy en los Scouts. Quiero decir, acampar en el zoologico (brrr... lodo...), en la escuela (boo... de noche...) escalar, conocer a todos las personas que he conocido...
Tambien ha influido en mi pensamiento sobre trabajo en equipo. Me he dado cuenta de que se hacerlo, si me llegan a tomar en cuenta y no excluir (como me pasa en la escuela).Aahhh~

mŠs reflexiones reflexivas )
Hecho esto, cierro. A ver si llego a tomar fotos de mi Familia P.Luche y mi WITCHlección! Ciao!
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I don't understand... When a book is one of the things most popular right now, it gets to be a stupid, love story plain book. And guess what's the name of it? Yeah, Twilight. You may be asking, why do you don't like that book? I'll tell you why. First of all, look at the characters. They're too plain. Way too plain. I think, what makes a good book, aren't perfect characters, but characters that have as many flaws as virtues. Look at Artemis Fowl. He IS a charismatic character. Or Harry Potter, he also acts like what he is, a human. And you may say that Edward Cullen isn't human, but still, he has to have flaws, right?
Second... I know it's a love story, but... almost all the book is 'Oh, I love you so much, Edward', and 'I love you more, Bella'... Yuck! And you know what? Normally, when two teenagers are in love with each other, they tend to act shy and awkward! Where was all that awkwardness? Oh my god...
Third: Bella doesn't have a personality. She may be perfect (except for her clumsiness... but that's a bit... eh...), but... She was made like a damsel in distress! Really, this book gives boys the idea that we are weak beings. Zettai Arienai!
Fourth, I don't know if I will get published, but I'm sure I write better than Stephenie Meyer. She writes like a teenager! (And I'm a teenager). Her book could only be liked by plastic girls like my classmates, who haven't read anything better. I need a treatment full of Poe, Doyle, Alcott, Dahl... Nyaaaaaaaa! But, ya know something? I wrote a lot... *feels satisfied* See you in a few minutes if you are lucky XP

Next, in Life Oddities: I CAN write with abreviatures(or however its written)


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