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:D From the journal of [ profile] xkiki0nicex   I found this meme. Yeah, I just love these things, what can I do? Anyway, here are the rules~

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you two letters.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with each letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Kiki gave me letters M and A~
:D Songs over here~ )

So, the story of these songs has finally come to an end... And yes, that was everything. As you can see, I ran out of inspiration for the songs as I was approaching the end. That always happens to me... What can I do about it? D:

Oh, wait, here is a random generator thingy... Or something like that. This one says I write like Stephen King... oh, if it was really true~

yeah. )

Now, that was everything. See you.
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Let's finish this, ok? >:|
I've been waiting 25 days to be able to post the song for today, really. And in the way, two other songs have been added to today. So~ let's search for an YT link, will we?

... Don't ask xDD

Yeah. I'm weeeird~ But, it does have an story behind why I have chosen this for today! Actually it's kind of ridiculous, but oh well. A loong time ago, or perhaps just in 2007, I had this two bestfriends. And, during a month or so, we spent more time together than normal due to practices for the coreography of the School Festival. Every once in a while, they used to sing this to annoy another friend. So yeah. Now this makes me a bit nostalgic, but still makes me laugh. So, on to the next song?

Juunen Ai -Tanjou 10nen Kinentai

The point about this song, is the lyrics. They try to fit in a lot of titles from Morning Musume songs, and it's hilarious xDD Yeaah~

I said today were 3 songs, right? I couldn't find the third. It was either Scout or the curry song of Koharu from Ribbon no Kishi. I'm obssessed with that musical~

PS. I need a laughing icon >.
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Eh. Eh. Eh... But of course that there must be only one song that could be played at my wedding, mind you.

Happy Summer Wedding -Morning Musume

Actually, not. But understand me, I had to post this xDD Because my sense of humor is weird like that. And because I love how Koharu almost doesn't get a line in here. :P Yeah, I'm evil, but I don't dislike Miracle.

Cherry -Spitz (Video Performance: Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa)

I'd prefer this. And I actually don't know why, as the lyrics... well, just an instrumental version would be ok :D

But seriously, I don't imagine myself married. I would be the most terrible wife in the entire world~ So yeah. I leave you~
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Short entry today, not much to say. I'm in a mood where I want to shout everything to the world, but dunno how. Ever happened to you? >.< Perhaps I shouldn't have let things accumulate.

Dekkai Uchuu ni ga Aru -Morning Musume

I like this song a long, perfect for cheering someone up. I was actually going to post this for yesterday, but yeah, I changed my mind. Ok, I was thinking of posting Watashi no Tsubasa, but I had already posted it at the beggining. Ultra Meeh.

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:D I think I downloaded 10 My Me in time to do this one. Because I know I had a favorite album in Spanish, but I can't remember which one was it (oh, so long) The point is that lately, more than albums, I've been listening to singles. But I liked 10 My Me so much that...

Namidacchi -Morning Musume

:D Why they don't make more songs like this one? It's SO full of energy~ I love the rap and the Gaki line~ The only thing that could have made this song even better would have been a line distribution like in the old days.
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Venga ya! No puedo dejar esto sin hacer >:|

Fuu... I don't listen to the radio, you know... All I hear is the news, and that only in the morning -.-''
well~ In any case, I'll post a random song~ And tomorrow too, probably.

RUUJYU no Dengon -Yumi Arai

A few weeks ago, Morning Musume, AKB48 and S/mileage were in a collaboration for a Japanese 'telethon'. They sang a Ghibli medley and Momusu's song Dekkai Uchuu ni ga Aru. I loved all Ghibli's songs, from Ponyo's one to Chihiro's. This one, a song from Kiki's Delivery Service, was sang by Morning Musume and then by AKB48 (And the first were better, lemme say ;) )

Anywaaay~ I've updated! :D
And I hope to not have any more of these long hiatuses. They're bad, bad bad.
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 xDD I thought it was 'A song that makes you dance'... It's pretty much the same thing, isn't it? Fine, today I've got a couple of songs~ 

Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo -Momoiro Clover

*O* Yes Yes We are the Momoiro Clover (8)
I LOOVE this song~ It's so energetic, and cute, and the dance shot shows exactly that. I'd love to know the steps, but ohh, god, it includes things I'm not able to do... Me and gymnastics make a bad combination after all....

Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ -Hello! Project (Actually, Morning Musume, almost Yossie solo, but...)

Ahh, I love this song *O* I've always liked swing-esque songs, and... yeah, Mr. Moonlight was instant love. It also, yes, makes me want to dance :3 And... Yeah, I totally love this song. Yossie is love too~ *O* 

Enough for today... Itze says good-bye :)
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:D Hey! I'm here, not with the movies I've watched in the year (Mostly because I've forgotten which ones I've seen), but with yet another Meme! 
I... Stole it from somewhere (duh!), and I've wanted to do this one for months, but I always forget. So today, July 12, is the start of the 30 Days of Music Meme. Without further ado, I may post the list of the meme~
a long list behind this :3 )

Day 1- Your favorite song

Momoiro Tengoku -Ali Project
Yes, two songs :D )

Fuu, a month. Will I do it? :D just keep reading for the next 29 days!


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