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 :) Oh yes. Ehh... I knew which one I was going to post, but know I don't know if post it with Day 13 or 14. Well, as I'm debating, I'll let you know I didn't know if to post this today (As last entry was after midnight, so posting this today would technically make 2 entries in a day). Well, after realizing I'll be gone from Monday to Wednesday/Thursday, I decided to post it today.

._______.' I don't know what to post... eh... how was called that song again? xD Ok, I found it.

Sale Sobrando -Lila Downs

So why is this song a guilty pleasure? In first place, it's Lila Downs, for God's sake. I mean, even in Mexico, how much is she known? And in top of that... just listen to the song. It's weeird... I think even my father thinks so, and he loves Lila Downs so much~
Even so, the lyrics are the best this song has :)

Wait until (I hope) Thursday to find out which is the song for Day 14. 

Hint? More from Lila Downs ;)
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 On Friday, I got UP from BlockBuster *O*... My, it was even better than when I saw it at the movie theater. Really, it's a masterpiece, as practically anything made by Pixar. The music, especially Married Life~ It reflects very well the movie... The animation is wonderful... Ok, much fangirling UP and Carl and... RUSSELL <3

But oh, well... I should be studying Geography and Religion. Yes, Religion. Why? I'm in a Catholic school (No, not girls-only, thanks God). They're the easiest subjects we have ._.' so I don't feel any urge to open the book and read. Because if I did, I'd be reading the topics we'll study in the fourth bimester, so when we are in November, I'll be bored because I'll already know the things teachers are explaining. Yeah. That's why my mother used to forbid me from reading school books before classes started. :3 But I'm a reader by heart, what can I do?

Anyway, I made a friend read some of my favorite books :D 
Currently, he is reading Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code and he just finished The Witches, by Roald Dahl. Oh, and The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, by Isabel Allende~ I'm sure I was one of the persons who impulsed him to read, back in eight grade, when I lent him The Neverending Story  (Michael Ende). To make others share the same interests as you feels so great~

Ehm, I made an account at Formspring! :D
For those of you who don't know what Formspring is, it's a place where you create your account (obvious is obvious, yeah), and you ask questions. ^^'' I'm so bad at descriptions... anyway, you can visit my profile here:

On another topic, last Saturday I went with some friends to the mall, we went to Space Playworld and bowling... And then, we walked through the entire mall to meet my parents. And we wanted to eat something~ Me and a friend ate a hamburger from Mac Donalds, and another friend bought some 'Crunchy Potatoes' from Taco Bell. And Taco Bell. GAAH, Taco Bell. I hate persons who really think Taco Bell is Mexican food. <.<' That's ignorance, boys! If you want to taste Mexican food, go to Sanborns! Or... I don't know, but NOT Taco Bell. C'mon, Chalupas aren't exactly like tacos... And, as far as I know, 'Crunchy Potatoes' have nothing to do with Mexico.

*sigh* It's so fun to read me writing and ranting about this, because, I'm the weirdest Mexican you'll ever meet. I HATE HATE HATE spicy food, and heavily dislike most Mexican Food (Tacos aren't Love for me. Ridiculous story), and even so, I'm defending my culture. :D

Ok, I think I wrote too much for today. Au revoir.
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Tras las elecciones celebradas el pasado 3 de mayo, finalmente llegaron los kits par la identificacion de la gripe; aunque lo mas probable es que no quisieran hacer revuelo con eso con las elecciones....
El caso es que detectaron el primer caso de gripe porcina en Panamá hoy, hace un rato le llegó el comunicado a la Embajadora de México en Panamá.
De todos modos, desde hace unas semanas en baños han estado pegando anuncios de higiene...
U.U...  voy a tener que estarme lavando las manos muy seguido...
Ya estoy enferma de gripe normal T-T...
esto era un post rapido...


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