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Today, song is first, then short story of today :)

Watashi no Tsubasa -ED of Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!

It's pretty much my favorite song of Doremi. The music is calming, the lyrics are nostalgic, and I kind of connect them to some years ago... Bwaaahh~ T^T Diego and Joshua, I'm still not over them. We slowly fell apart, but... I miss them. xDD Do you know something? The fact that this song is played in the last episode, sang by all the Doremi cast make me even more nostalgic.
no, it's not only one song :P )

Enough sadness. Today I start my Winter Break. What? you must be asking, if it's only July. Well, here on Panama, if I haven't wrote it before, we have 9 or 10 months of Winter, or Rainy Season, and 2 or 3 of Summer. That means, Summer is from December onwards. More or less. It's then when we have Summer Break, and this years, while most schools have just one week of Winter Break, mine got two because we started classes one week earlier. 

And, I'm feeling bored, because I mean, today we finished final exams, I should be at the mall or somewhere, having fun! But no, I had to stay to babysit my sister -.-'

:D Tomorrow, I'll write about something more~ Sad things, hopefully.
See you~!

PD. Ohh, by the way, I started reading Bakuman. It's really interesting, and I liked the characters instantly  :3 TAKAGII <3
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And this post has nothing to do with Sugar Sugar Rune xP
Had I told you that I downloaded Easy Paint Tool SAI? I don't know how to use it >.<'  It's like a Photoshop, but it's really detailed. I haven't got a good lineart that I'm really interested on coloring, but I've got somewhere a couple of drawings made at school that are pretty decent (some Lolita's tries and Ringo-Sheep Charas). I'm currently on the stage of 'Looking for a good tutorial at dA'....

I've got also a new goal. Learn to code a webpage. I suppose that if I poke the sheep for some time, two things will happen.  One, she gets mad at me. Two, she teaches me how to code a webpage. I know my methods are a bit... borderline?

In GaiaOnline, I'm no longer Itzelora. I changed the name to be Midori Ringo-chan. Beeh changed hers to be Hitsuji Doll, although I think it would be better as Komehitsuji Doll (Spanish Joke: Come means Eat, so Beeh claims: 'Im not eating a sheep!'). Well, the day after the name change,  I tried to login as Itzelora. Of course it didn't let me in. That's one more proof of my stupidness xD

I also started reading Fruits Basket. It's a nice, pinky and sugary shojo, at least it's like that at the part I'm in (I'm currently having a problem with 'in' and 'on'... I dunno when I have to use which one). Ouran  High School Host Club keeps being a good comedy OwO. Hikaru won't give up on Haruhi, and is going to fight for her love. Too bad Haruhi already likes Tamaki.

Inspiration ended ._.
so, see you!
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El sitio más reciente que conocí: My Anime List! Es una comunidad social dedicada al anime, donde puedes poner los animes que has visto y los mangas que has leído, con episodios, fechas y demás. ¿Cuantos llevo? 42 vistos,  contando los que planeo ver, y seis mangas leídos. No esta mal, considerando que empezé a ver animes en serio desde el año pasado... Por cierto, ya acabé el primer volumen de Suzumiya! Yahoo!


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