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 Hi, everybody~!
Long time without posting... Meh, I was grounded, and lately, my inspiration had been gone. Ana had it, I'm sure of it u.ú

But do you know something? Even if I'm not inspired, the need to write is still there, and it huuurts... So I wrote in the school. The last week I wrote three pages, which I'm going to scan and put on here. Today I wrote another one, which I'll transcribe for today entry. 

And it is as it follows:

so short, really, but I love LJ-cuts xD )
Yeah, that was all. It looked longer in paper, I swear! But that may be because my handwriting is SO round and big xD I still like my handwriting though. It used to be horrible, so I think it's a progress, and a big one. You'll see my handwriting, I sweear~ I'll scan tonight to post tomorrow :) 

And finally, I wanted to say something I was thinking about in the morning. Voice is an useful tool, so is the brush and the pencil. But my favorite tool is the PEN. Why? Because it takes too much practice to be able to handle it correctly, and to be able to transmit emotions with written words. That's why my dream is to be a recognized writer, because in a way, it would be like reaching perfection.

That's all :)
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 I hope so... And well...
For me, life is a seesaw, And, you can only accept what life brings you, because if it’s a bad moment for you, soon it will become better. And like that, I think, after a week or so of worrying because I had dropped to second place in my class, I managed to get my first place back. And I really hope that the grades that aren’t on the web yet don’t affect the positions anymore.

But well... Today, I'm going to write, about... Love. Yes, Love Momozono. No, I'm joking xD But someday, I WILL write about her.
No, today... ahh, I've been wondering a lot of things. Things that make me all confused, and other things that make me happy~ Let's start with a. Orangey, we will call him :3 

Well, I met him in fourth grade. I don't remember if he sat in front or behind me, but the point was that we sat close. One day, we started talking about... Pokémon. And we kept on, and we kept on. The point was, that I started to like him .3. And, for those things of  life, a gossipy classmate told him, and he stopped talking to me for all that remained in 4th grade, and the whole fifth grade. Then, in sixth grade, he became friend of my best friend, and in the reccesses we were together, laughing and doing random things. This continued in seventh grade and a bit of eight grade. And I liked him all the time. 

Ohh, I should probably mention that since  fifth grade, he liked a girl we'll call AL. It was around this point -Seventh Grade- that I gave up on him, and pulled a sort of 'I want my Beloved to be Happy', and decided to help him in everything I could. 

But, oh, well, the point here is that, we distanced for reasons that I can't remember now, and we got to a point where we almost never talked. And, it was during that period that I centered my attention in another boy. And that will be a story for another moment, because it's more complicated, and I'm even more confused about that. 

Meh, this year, we have started talking again, mainly because he is the only person I can talk about grades. And I'm starting to feel I never stopped liking him. T^T God, it has been YEARS! Why can't I get over him?! Somebody explain it to me?

Enough for Today. I don't want to go to sleep like I am, all troubled. Love you all~! <3
PS. God, the internet made me super scared. I thought this had been erased. Thanks God it wasn't like that.
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Yeah: that man is, like, awesome! He is the new Sherlock Holmes (Counting that Layton actually isn't a detective :P) (No offense to Holmes: I still love him too, but Layton is Layton). No LJ cut for you, btw :K stare at this beautiful man~
Just look at the man, and at Luke~ <3 I know did a recommendation for him and his games, but... fangirl moments come anyway~

Hershel Layton first appeared in the DS game Professor Layton and the Curious Village. In this game, he and his apprentice Luke Triton go to a village named St. Mystere, because the richest man there, August(?) Reinhold just died, and his relatives want Layton to search for an item of his deed: the Golden Apple. Once there, the Professor and Luke discover that the villages holds many secrets...

After the success of this game, three more were released in Japan (in the rest of the world we only have Curious Village and the next one): PL and the Diabolical Box, PL and the Last Time Travel, PL and the Specter's Flute. Another 2 games are in the works, and a movie called PL and the Eternal Diva just premiered in Japan a few days ago *squeeeeeeee*

I got this fangirl moment after listening to some songs from the Soundtrack of the first game: They're sublime~ (lol, a friend stuck me that word~) Erm, ok... -.-' I'm 14 and I prefer game characters (Liiiiiiink~ Juuuuuuun~ Koukiiiii~) and book characters (Stephaaaaan~ Artemisss~ Holmess) Heck, even my love for Greg House and Wilson isn't as big as my love for the former five plus Layton D: Oh, yeah, I forgot anime characters: Kyoooooooooooooon~ and I could never get over Ryou (Tokyo Mew Mew) This fangirl says good-bye for now :3


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