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 :D Seven posts of meme already? YAY.
Fine, fine. Ehh... *opens playlist, again*. You know, First Kiss (Aa!) would suit this one, too xD

Caramelldansen -Caramell

:D Yes, you know, the song is a global meme? Last year, in an anime con here, Apertura, I was with friends, and I suddenly started doing the Caramelldansen dance while they looked at me as if I was crazy :P It felt great. I was originally going to put a song we've danced in a 'Comparsa', but I couldn't remember one.

So until tomorrow :)
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Do you remember me blabbering about some English Assignment? Here is the Name Poem I wrote:

It's an Adventure! she shouted.
Time had come for the departure
Zealous she was about flying
Everytime she went to the airport
Laughter started between tears... saying good bye was never easy!

And so, she entered the plane,
Nervous she was now, the flight would start anytime:
Given the situation, she wouldn't cry
Effort was needed, it was a hard try.
Look at the window, her mother said
Evoking home, the airport was,
Soon the flight would start.

And, that was my fantastic writing :D
ok... i'm going~
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Remember about my oneshot? well, writer's block attacked and... and... I just can't write my ending D:
Writer's block? how can I say that? It was pure laziness...
I don't know... I believe it's well-written, it's less than a word page (and page and a half of hand-writing D: )
I can't commit to a goal, I can't... How many times have I promised a drawing, and it's just been started? how many times have I told to myself to write at least a page of Magical Flavors/Ojamajo Hana? How many times have I told myself to open photoshop and make some graphics? Next I'll say: I get out of school in November, then I'll finish all those things... But, how can I make sure I'll do them? *sigh*

Anyway, I HAVE to finish the oneshot, with or without beta by Friday... Let's see if I can make that deadline, for myself's sake .-.'

Hum... the other day, in English we had to make a Name Poem... You know, me being bad for rhyming and that stuff in general... I ended using my name and surname to make a short story poem about a girl who is about to get in a plane. Guess what's the first line? 'It's an Adventure!' she shouted.
Referencing LJ too much? anyway, It's an Adventure are my first three initials (name, middle name and surname). I couldn't get anything with V to have my whole name, but I guess that is better than nothing. nonsensical writing... )


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