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Today, song is first, then short story of today :)

Watashi no Tsubasa -ED of Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!

It's pretty much my favorite song of Doremi. The music is calming, the lyrics are nostalgic, and I kind of connect them to some years ago... Bwaaahh~ T^T Diego and Joshua, I'm still not over them. We slowly fell apart, but... I miss them. xDD Do you know something? The fact that this song is played in the last episode, sang by all the Doremi cast make me even more nostalgic.
no, it's not only one song :P )

Enough sadness. Today I start my Winter Break. What? you must be asking, if it's only July. Well, here on Panama, if I haven't wrote it before, we have 9 or 10 months of Winter, or Rainy Season, and 2 or 3 of Summer. That means, Summer is from December onwards. More or less. It's then when we have Summer Break, and this years, while most schools have just one week of Winter Break, mine got two because we started classes one week earlier. 

And, I'm feeling bored, because I mean, today we finished final exams, I should be at the mall or somewhere, having fun! But no, I had to stay to babysit my sister -.-'

:D Tomorrow, I'll write about something more~ Sad things, hopefully.
See you~!

PD. Ohh, by the way, I started reading Bakuman. It's really interesting, and I liked the characters instantly  :3 TAKAGII <3
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It isn't official yet, but the school year is over for me. I did my accounting test today, and tomorrow is the last day of school. I'm going, because at home I don't have anything to do, even if I don't need to do the exams of tomorrow.

About the rest of my exams, they were really short. Spanish was pretty simple, except for a part where we had to classify stanzas. Math, easy: I had the 'oh, no! you finished way too quick!' feeling, but I think everything went alright. Accounting's practic part was easy, but the theory, well, I didn't made well in that D: I got 5.0 on the other exams, so I didn't do them.

The next week I have to go to school to see my name in the lists of the persons that passed the year, and then, I will have (officially) graduated from 9th grade. After that, I'll have three months of fun, and relax. On Saturday evening I'm going to a place called Cerro Azul. We aren't going to stay long, because my sister still has school.

Hoeeee~! The year passed so quickly, and it was a good year. Even if there were things I would like to correct, the good things outnumber them. And, not only in school, but in my whole life. I realized a lot of things, that will make my existence better.

Enough spam for today. I still have to write MagiFlavors. I'm kind of stuck in the middle. I have some paragraphs written on my pad, so, I'll type into the computer and see what happens. Currently, I'm starting the fourth page. Himeka and Yuki have just met, and they should be encountering Cinnamon and Chilli in a page and a half.

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Oh, right. I finally started my exams week C: I'm happy, because that meanst that, after November 21st, I'll have three months to relax and not think about school.

I started today with Science. We are doing Physics, so that was all our exam. It wasn't too hard, and I'm a bit scared because of that D: Anyway, I know I studied, and I'm sure it will pay off.

We are going home early, at 10 AM. That means today we had two hours before the exam, which lasted an entire hour, and then the recess and home.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, we have Spanish. Even if I'm at the top of my class in that subject (I've got 4.2), my grades weren't good enough to be exempted from that test. It shouldn't be hard, because, mainly, it's all about reading and memorizing things. But grammar is evil! and the teacher doesn't help at all!

Meanwhile, I'm still writing chapter 1 of Precure MagiFlavors. I know where I'm heading, but, the words won't translate the way I want from my mind to the pa- well, the Word Document. And that's another problem. I tend to write at school, to avoid boredom, but then, at home, I'm lazy to type what I've written to paper into Word. I have to extend myself, because my handwriting is so big two pages of it will make less than a page and half of word. I wonder if I should write summaries at paper and then write the complete thing at Word? Well, at least I'm commiting myself to write something, and that's good.


Sep. 14th, 2009 10:13 am
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Meh, el cuento aqui! )

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Ok... so, First of all, I'm tired!
Today we finished the entire coreography, and we have three more days to practice and get everyone coordinated. Meh, I'll post details about every grade dance in Saturday ;D one never knows who sees this, and most details about OUR coreography must remain secret. Only thing I can say is that our theme is Asia. Yay! It's a bit of a dream coming true C:

Now for the real reason of this post... A meme, stolen of... good question.
Questions coming... NOW!

Meme TIME! )
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Well, I read a classical book: Frankenstein.

I believe you all know the story: Dr. Victor Frankenstein gets obssessed with the creation of a human being. Instead, he creates a monster (who, by the way, remains unnamed the whole story). The monster wants to make Frankenstein as miserable as he feels, so starts killing all his loved ones, starting by his littlest brother. The story is told by Dr. Frankenstein, just before he fell sick and died.

tl;dr it's the story of a man who played to be God, but after making his creation, he became scared of it. The monster felt everything a human felt, but was ugly, really ugly.

I liked it. It didn't made me sleepy, as Cervantes can make me .-.
Anyway, if it was a terror story, I wasn't scared. Not even a bit. And being me the scary mouse I am, well...

And Friday...

We're practicing for school's festival (specifically, the dance festival, aka Comparsas). Today, we had to practice under the rain, because we were practicing in the playground (?) of the school. The storm started, and we were afraid of losing the practice, until we were given permission to keep dancing under the rain.

After it ended, we were all wet and dripping, but we felt so~ good...
a lot of us didn't bring clothes to change, so they had to wait till the air dried them. Me, fortunately, did bring more clothes C:


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