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First of all: FINALLY. LONGEST 30 DAYS OF MY LIFE ARE OVER. OVER!!!1111oneoneone!! /capsrape

No, seriously, soon we can go back to the long, thoughtful, emo-ish entries of before *cries*. Oh, normal journaling, how much I have missed you. But oh well, let's see what can I post for today. I´ve got the worst memory for some things...

Oh, lol, I've tried going back in time by reading old journal entries. Last year I was SO obssessed with La Colmenita (I still love it, go figure). I could post a song from La Cucarachita Martina play (I totally heart it <333), but no song of them can be found in the interwebz. Cry moar, I know. Oh, and I was also obssessed with Layton. I still am, but it's nice to read about it.

I got tired from reading old entries. But I got so happy <3 It made me remember nice things, and some not-so-nice, but because those have been solved and turned into cute, sweet and nice things, I'm more happy.

Meh, I give up. I'll post this song because it turns out it was the one most mentioned at my DeviantArt journal. I'm still not sure D:

Fuwa Fuwa Time -Houkago Tea Time

This song is so fluffy, if that adjective can even be used for music. No, seriously, it's cute. And I still like it, though after finding Hello! Project with the cute voices and stuff, I don't listen to it as much as before. So yeah. That was it for the meme. I want to do an entry with the songs that almost made it to the cut, or those that I forgot about them in their moment. Tomorrow, right? :)

I feel so happy for having accomplished this! :D 'Nuff said.
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 Can't it be the other way around? I don't really remember any song D: And I want to finish this meme... 

Robokiss -W (Double U)

First time I heard this song, I hated it. Really. Then, I started liking more the voices of Tsuji and Kago in Morning Musume, and then, I liked this song... Suki sukissu KISSU wo kudasai (8) :) Similar things have happened to me with...

GO GO! MANIAC -Houkago Tea Time

When I heard it, I took my earphones off. It's just that... Yui's voice... arrrgghh... I became used to it because it's the OP of K-on!!... I like this song now, but I was still so glad when Utauyo!! MIRACLE arrived.

I'll try to finish this as soon as possible, I... swear.
But I've proved I can't be constant.
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 xD Second Day and I'm already forgetting I've got to do this meme. Least favorite song, huh? :/ Starting with the difficult choices already? Ok, I can interpret it as the one song from my favorites that I don't like as much as the others, right? Well, I can't choose that one because I'm saving it for Day 14. And that one too... 

Ehh, well... K-on!!. I was talking about that series at school, so my choice will be from Houkago Tea Time. 

Which song will I share with you? )

AHH! Four tests and I'm out of school for two beautiful weeks! <3 Today we had to do Spanish test, and ohh God. At least 100 of the 160 students in 10° felt like they failed. It was HARD. As I said, when I don't finish the test in the first 30 minutes, it is hard. I know I didn't do SO bad, but still, I'm scared... I had a relatively good average on Spanish, and now I'm feeling it went down the flush (?). And tomorrow I've got English (Ohh, really easy except when the teacher makes the grammar theory LITERAL), and Biology, so long I think I'll have to study tomorrow in the previous hours. :/

Well, off with today's report.


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