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:D From the journal of [ profile] xkiki0nicex   I found this meme. Yeah, I just love these things, what can I do? Anyway, here are the rules~

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you two letters.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with each letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Kiki gave me letters M and A~
:D Songs over here~ )

So, the story of these songs has finally come to an end... And yes, that was everything. As you can see, I ran out of inspiration for the songs as I was approaching the end. That always happens to me... What can I do about it? D:

Oh, wait, here is a random generator thingy... Or something like that. This one says I write like Stephen King... oh, if it was really true~

yeah. )

Now, that was everything. See you.
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 So, first, let's accept what everyone here know it's true. Itzel A. doesn't know what to be constant means. Nor what's responsability. But the truth is that I've been thinking in a song that could fit for today, and guess what? I don't find any. ANY. I've even tried to make me feel guilty by some song, but... no, it hasn't worked. So yeah, I suck D: 

But okay, I realize that I can't delay this more. So, welcome to the Random Song Posting Day! :D (Yes, I know I'm pathetic)

Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende! (Top Nude Remix Version 1) -S/mileage

Let's pimp these young idols :) Out of the few songs I've heard of S/mileage, this is my favorite. Well, not the remix version, but the original. And the non-Osakaben version too<3 Seriously, they're like the only hope for H!P now. So why S/mileage? To tell the truth, it's what I was listening too at the moment of posting this :D And if you don't like this remixed version, then go and watch the original version. Beware of squeaky sweet voices, though.

So, yeah. I promise you actual songs that correspond to the following days tomorrow and Thursday. And then, this will be OVER. OVER. Yay! :D And then, I'll post some internal rant about why I am not able to take part in the NaNoWriMo. Someday.
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Ok, now I have to say I NEEVER listen to music when I'm angry. I prefer to grab a book and fall asleep, or just write. Because writing helps to pour my feelings into something~ But oh well. Let me search what songs I have stored here~ Probably I'll end up showing you a so random song...

Yeah, random song.

Koi no Telephone GOAl -Abe Natsumi.

See? Random and happy-go-lucky song by former face of Momusu Abe Natsumi. xDD I love the random 'Besáme Mucho' lines the song has. But oh well. Just 10 days more to go :D. I'm so waiting for Day 25 *-* <3
Yeah, enough. I want to write something serious, for God's Sake!
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 Momusu todaay~
lalala' let's see... From Momusu I've already posted Mr. Moonlight, I Wish... and screw Momusu, let's post the song from Hello! Project:

All for One & One for All -Hello! Project

This song first was released as the song for the sole Shuffle Unit of Hello! Project in 2004, which included every idol under the H!P umbrella. It included over 40 artists: Morning Musume, H!P Kids, Berryz Koubou, Ayaka, Aya Matsuura, Melon Kinenbi... 

The special thing about the song is that the lines are in the order of when each girl entered to Hello! Project. It starts with 1st Gen, 2nd, Maki Goto, some soloists, etc. The video is from the Elder's Club graduation... It's weird to see how there's only one girl singing the line of herself, Maki Goto and Ayaka, because those two had graduated before. And then, Berryz Koubou comes before the former H!P Kids, because they are now °C-ute. And then, Yossy takes a line from Aibon, whose contract was terminated two years before... 

The song was again performed in the Summer Tour 2010, the Fankora... It seems that 5th Gen starts the song, but then, instead of Berryz Koubou/°C-ute, there is 6th Gen .___. I'll wait until the DVD release to see how the lines are now distributed...

Enough for today~ :)
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 xDD I thought it was 'A song that makes you dance'... It's pretty much the same thing, isn't it? Fine, today I've got a couple of songs~ 

Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo -Momoiro Clover

*O* Yes Yes We are the Momoiro Clover (8)
I LOOVE this song~ It's so energetic, and cute, and the dance shot shows exactly that. I'd love to know the steps, but ohh, god, it includes things I'm not able to do... Me and gymnastics make a bad combination after all....

Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ -Hello! Project (Actually, Morning Musume, almost Yossie solo, but...)

Ahh, I love this song *O* I've always liked swing-esque songs, and... yeah, Mr. Moonlight was instant love. It also, yes, makes me want to dance :3 And... Yeah, I totally love this song. Yossie is love too~ *O* 

Enough for today... Itze says good-bye :)
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Humm... I shall...

First Kiss -Aa! (Suzuki Airi solo)

Just this. No explanation for today, because, well -.-''
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:D Hey! I'm here, not with the movies I've watched in the year (Mostly because I've forgotten which ones I've seen), but with yet another Meme! 
I... Stole it from somewhere (duh!), and I've wanted to do this one for months, but I always forget. So today, July 12, is the start of the 30 Days of Music Meme. Without further ado, I may post the list of the meme~
a long list behind this :3 )

Day 1- Your favorite song

Momoiro Tengoku -Ali Project
Yes, two songs :D )

Fuu, a month. Will I do it? :D just keep reading for the next 29 days!


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