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I don't understand... When a book is one of the things most popular right now, it gets to be a stupid, love story plain book. And guess what's the name of it? Yeah, Twilight. You may be asking, why do you don't like that book? I'll tell you why. First of all, look at the characters. They're too plain. Way too plain. I think, what makes a good book, aren't perfect characters, but characters that have as many flaws as virtues. Look at Artemis Fowl. He IS a charismatic character. Or Harry Potter, he also acts like what he is, a human. And you may say that Edward Cullen isn't human, but still, he has to have flaws, right?
Second... I know it's a love story, but... almost all the book is 'Oh, I love you so much, Edward', and 'I love you more, Bella'... Yuck! And you know what? Normally, when two teenagers are in love with each other, they tend to act shy and awkward! Where was all that awkwardness? Oh my god...
Third: Bella doesn't have a personality. She may be perfect (except for her clumsiness... but that's a bit... eh...), but... She was made like a damsel in distress! Really, this book gives boys the idea that we are weak beings. Zettai Arienai!
Fourth, I don't know if I will get published, but I'm sure I write better than Stephenie Meyer. She writes like a teenager! (And I'm a teenager). Her book could only be liked by plastic girls like my classmates, who haven't read anything better. I need a treatment full of Poe, Doyle, Alcott, Dahl... Nyaaaaaaaa! But, ya know something? I wrote a lot... *feels satisfied* See you in a few minutes if you are lucky XP

Next, in Life Oddities: I CAN write with abreviatures(or however its written)
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Well, I was in a creative mood, and... Vòila! 12 icons made in less than 24 hours!  So...

12 Icons

Ouran High School Host Club: 4
Amu Hinamori (Shugo Chara): 7
Edward Cullen (Twilight): 1


Renge Icon! Amu Edward

Phew.... That's the most I've ever worked!


1- Don't Hotlink
2- Credit is nice, ya know?
3- Please don't modify the icons
4- Comment if Taking!

Y ahora en español...


1- No hacer Hotlink
2- Por favor, den crédito
3- No modificar los iconos... Después, quizá ponga las bases con que hice los de Amu
4- Si van a tomar alguno, un comentario se vería muy bonito

BTW, I got the image of Amu from the GW Forums

EDIT: Added one icon from Amu


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