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 For some reason, I'm already wishing these 30 days are over. Now that I finally got to write short, daily entries, I'm dying to go back to my long, full of nonsense and angst scarce entries. But oh well, I guess I get what I wanted. I've got an idea... why not to use the inspiration I poured in my entries to finally write Green Grapes? Yeah, that'd be much more useful. But... ahh, every day I feel more and more apart from him~ I'm finally happily accepting all the happiness and fun I had with those two is over... At least Orangey is always willing to discuss our grades, and the other one (Because to call him Dust Bunny is just... xDDD) will always laugh whenever I mention that dove.

And why I'm writing this? This is supposed to be for Day 25... Ohh, God, not another 15 days -.-'

Fine. The song for today will be:

Pastel Pure -Ali Project

Yeah, Arika's vocals are great. But this is just so slow and sweet that it kills me <.<' It bores me, it makes me wonder why in the first place I downloaded the song. So yeah, go blame my taste. My taste that will gladly prefer a happy song like Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo. 

So yeah. All for today, I get off.
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 I'm soo bored~ And well, I shall tell you about one of my favorite games online... Poupeé Girl!
Basically, it's a dress-up game, like those flash simple games you find wherever you search, but this is more like Stardoll. It's Japanese, but it has an english version, so you can register and understand it easily. Well, after you register, you upload your clothes, make-up and fashion accessories to earn ribbons, the currency of the game. With those ribbons you can buy clothing, or change your hairstyle, hair color, skin color and other features.
Here is my most recent snapshot of my Pupe (as of May 19th):
Well, if you want to register, click on here!:
Or, if you want to have an special invite object, just leave your e-mail address to send you an invite~ :P

Enough for today, so, Love you all! <3
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Uhm... I've got nothing to do in my vacations, so I thought... Why not spam my flist with pictures? :D I took pictures from my bedroom (I'm going to do that later, so I can x-post to [ profile] ourbedrooms . I also took pictures from random things I have, like a show and tell post :3
my possessions :D )

Ok, that is all. I'm posting these 8 pictures, though I'd prefer to post more pictures. In a few hours, I'll be partaking in a play, so, if I don't post this today, I'll never do, because, next picspam post will be about my play. I have too pictures from my bedroom, later, too...

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It isn't official yet, but the school year is over for me. I did my accounting test today, and tomorrow is the last day of school. I'm going, because at home I don't have anything to do, even if I don't need to do the exams of tomorrow.

About the rest of my exams, they were really short. Spanish was pretty simple, except for a part where we had to classify stanzas. Math, easy: I had the 'oh, no! you finished way too quick!' feeling, but I think everything went alright. Accounting's practic part was easy, but the theory, well, I didn't made well in that D: I got 5.0 on the other exams, so I didn't do them.

The next week I have to go to school to see my name in the lists of the persons that passed the year, and then, I will have (officially) graduated from 9th grade. After that, I'll have three months of fun, and relax. On Saturday evening I'm going to a place called Cerro Azul. We aren't going to stay long, because my sister still has school.

Hoeeee~! The year passed so quickly, and it was a good year. Even if there were things I would like to correct, the good things outnumber them. And, not only in school, but in my whole life. I realized a lot of things, that will make my existence better.

Enough spam for today. I still have to write MagiFlavors. I'm kind of stuck in the middle. I have some paragraphs written on my pad, so, I'll type into the computer and see what happens. Currently, I'm starting the fourth page. Himeka and Yuki have just met, and they should be encountering Cinnamon and Chilli in a page and a half.



Nov. 14th, 2009 11:21 am
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stolen from anywhere... (ok, [ profile] cyanfox27 journal). Bold the things that are true, italize the ones that are partially so.

lalalal. )
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Remember about my oneshot? well, writer's block attacked and... and... I just can't write my ending D:
Writer's block? how can I say that? It was pure laziness...
I don't know... I believe it's well-written, it's less than a word page (and page and a half of hand-writing D: )
I can't commit to a goal, I can't... How many times have I promised a drawing, and it's just been started? how many times have I told to myself to write at least a page of Magical Flavors/Ojamajo Hana? How many times have I told myself to open photoshop and make some graphics? Next I'll say: I get out of school in November, then I'll finish all those things... But, how can I make sure I'll do them? *sigh*

Anyway, I HAVE to finish the oneshot, with or without beta by Friday... Let's see if I can make that deadline, for myself's sake .-.'

Hum... the other day, in English we had to make a Name Poem... You know, me being bad for rhyming and that stuff in general... I ended using my name and surname to make a short story poem about a girl who is about to get in a plane. Guess what's the first line? 'It's an Adventure!' she shouted.
Referencing LJ too much? anyway, It's an Adventure are my first three initials (name, middle name and surname). I couldn't get anything with V to have my whole name, but I guess that is better than nothing. nonsensical writing... )


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