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... I feel weird erasing that entry I still have to do but I won't do it today, still knowing I've saved it in the Notepad... But today, I have to write about more important matters. It should be an entry for the upcoming February 3rd. My birthday. And I won't be here. Greaat.

Sixteen. It's quite a big number. Three fives plus one. When I was younger I didn't even thought I would turn this age. But so I remembered last year, when I turned fifteen. Ahh, lots of important birthdays... but then, it's until 2013 I turn 18... meh, I'm making no sense here.

On Monday I was looking at some oldish pictures (Actually not, they were just taken in 2009), and I realized my face had kind of changed since those days. For the first time, I realized my face is not the exact same. Though it's not really different, I can see the difference. It was more baby-like. And today... I don't know how to describe my face xD Actually, it's still very child-like, but I like it. Round and cute <3

Writing that, now I'm wondering what my face will look like in another two years. Probably still childish. But I'm ok with that .3.' Or so I think.

Anyway. My birthday. On that day, I'll be suffering at a camp. Great way to celebrate, no? Actually I'm kind of excited. For the first time in a while, people other than my family will congratulate me in person. That will feel good... If they remember. Nah, I believe at least one person will remember. I'll have to remind everyone tomorrow (:

It feels quite weird writing about my birthday days before the actual event. At this point, I still don't even feel I'm 15! D: Much less 16. But, with the time, that will sink in, as it has sunk all previous years. Other than the number, I doubt something will change. Before, with every birthday, I was sure I'd grow. But now, .___.' I should accept that being around 165cm is fine too, right?

... Other than what I have written there, I feel like I have nothing else to say about my birthday, just that it feels weird. And, because I need to do other things (As putting all my clothing inside the bag I'm going to take), I shall finish this entry here.

Now, thinking, perhaps it's a good idea that I'm spending my birthday in a camp. You know, how those are always an experience that makes you become more responsible and mature, and it fits very well with the birthday theme. Also, it's LOTR themed :D
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Oh, maan~! I can't believe 2009 passed so quickly O: And yes, I do know that it's already January 5, but, that doesn't matter Dx

I don't consider myself superstitious, except when it comes to New Year. Oh yeah... I do a lot of things that are supposed to give you good luck next year: Money inside your shoes, carry a travel bag, be awake, lalalalala... tl;dr I believe that everything you do on New Year Eve and January 1st will reflect how your year will be.

Because of that... I'm full of hopes for 2010! One of my resolutions was to keep my New Year money for all the year -.-' I know I'm getting my birthday gift, but... I'll spend that soon, I need MOAR moneyy~~! Ok, not... But, you know what Artemis Fowl motto is: Aurum potestas est (Gold is Power).

Ok... I'm also sure that this year I'll be surrounded by friends, because, for first time in my life, I had my New Year's dinner with two friends of mine. They aren't my best friends, and they're going soon back to Mexico, but, it doesn't matter!

Meh, my 15th birthday is coming soon, D: For those who don't know, in Latin America the 15th birthday of a girl is very important, and usually a big party is celebrated... Dx but I'm totally lost, I don't know how can I deliver the invitations to some persons (we're in summer, which means, no school until... a month after my birthday), I'm not sure of how much money I want to spend on it.... Uwaaaaah DX someone help meeee!

Much ranting about that. .-.' Ok, I'll stop the post here, or nothing will prevent me from more ranting. See ya :3
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Yesterday my dad installed a router, so we could have internet access in all of my house! That means that now I can use the laptop in the living room, while watching TV, or in the kitchen, while eating something!

It also means that now I can connect to NIntendo Wi-Fi with Nintendo DS games that have Wi-Fi functions! I will be able to trade Pokémon!

Speaking of Wi-Fi trades, they're very unbalanced. They offer a Piplup Lvl 1 for a Palkia lvl 100! To start, I offered a Turtwig named Terry, Lvl 17, for a Piplup of any level... I'll see.

Changing subject, I grew! I grew from 159 cms to 161! Isn't that wonderful? And yes, I've some traume with my height... I don't want to be small... I wonder If I'll grow more than the Sheep. Then, she will be a really small Sheep, or I'll be a really tall Apple...

And, I have finally made my decision. I'll go to the CANAPAS. I don't know if I had enough will power to go, and sleep 4 nights in a place that is practically the jungle, or if I hadn't will power to say that I wasn't going... Tomorrow we'll be going to the place of the camp, as part of the extra meetings...

Waaaah! I don't want to think in my birthday because of that! Oh! Another thing, WITCH is being sold here again! Yippie!


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