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Hi, this is Itze actually accomplishing what she said she would do! Yes~ I updated again!

And hey, this isn't a H!P song! Hey, it's not even in Japanese! But not in English, either... This time it's... Spanish! :D

El niño sin amor -Alex Lora

I love this song. I discovered it in a family trip, and this played a couple times~ The lyrics, too, make me sad .___.' But now, why did I post this in this day? I'd like to have a music station like Mexico's Reactor, full of weird, unknown bands. Then, I'd listen to radio more. Really~ Meh, I can't explain myself xDD But anyway, I love this song.

(8) ese niño no conoce el amooor~ (8)
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Venga ya! No puedo dejar esto sin hacer >:|

Fuu... I don't listen to the radio, you know... All I hear is the news, and that only in the morning -.-''
well~ In any case, I'll post a random song~ And tomorrow too, probably.

RUUJYU no Dengon -Yumi Arai

A few weeks ago, Morning Musume, AKB48 and S/mileage were in a collaboration for a Japanese 'telethon'. They sang a Ghibli medley and Momusu's song Dekkai Uchuu ni ga Aru. I loved all Ghibli's songs, from Ponyo's one to Chihiro's. This one, a song from Kiki's Delivery Service, was sang by Morning Musume and then by AKB48 (And the first were better, lemme say ;) )

Anywaaay~ I've updated! :D
And I hope to not have any more of these long hiatuses. They're bad, bad bad.

Meme xDD

Aug. 20th, 2010 05:17 pm
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Ok... I remembered the song I used to love but now I hate~

Rosas -La Oreja De Van Gogh

Before anyone kills me for hating this song... I must say in my defense that it all happened because I suffered from over-exposure to it. Unwished over-exposure. Some years ago, I lived in a small building. My neighbors of upstairs were NOISY. More than Momusu is supposed to be (Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari, lol). Well, they used to put this song every day. EVERY FREAKING DAY. First it was like 'Ohh, hey, I like this song, how nice', until it turned to be 'why this sooooong?! D:'

Yeaaahh... it's sad.
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 Can't it be the other way around? I don't really remember any song D: And I want to finish this meme... 

Robokiss -W (Double U)

First time I heard this song, I hated it. Really. Then, I started liking more the voices of Tsuji and Kago in Morning Musume, and then, I liked this song... Suki sukissu KISSU wo kudasai (8) :) Similar things have happened to me with...

GO GO! MANIAC -Houkago Tea Time

When I heard it, I took my earphones off. It's just that... Yui's voice... arrrgghh... I became used to it because it's the OP of K-on!!... I like this song now, but I was still so glad when Utauyo!! MIRACLE arrived.

I'll try to finish this as soon as possible, I... swear.
But I've proved I can't be constant.
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This is haaard e.e' That describes me, eh~? Talk about hard choices... Well, I'll play funny and post this:

Pereza -Eugenia León

:D It describes me, yeah. The song is pretty much an ode to Lazyness... 'Lazyness is so sweet...'

No, really, I tried searching translations of H!P songs, but none... That was a long hiatus, right? D:
I'll post once again tomorrow. I Promise.
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 Yeaaah~ I know I took a hiatus, but here I am agaiiin~ I promise I will do a picspam of my little trip once I select pictures to post on FB. Every day I realized it would have been great to do an ADIML, but I forgot D: 
SO. Today, day 14, almost a day before the middle... I'll post MORE Lila Downs.

El Feo -Lila Downs

My dad absolutely loves this song. So much he used to put it in the car radio pretty much everytime he got the chance. So I started to like it. And now I REALLY like it xDD
I mean, I'll repeat what I said previously. People, it's LILA DOWNS! xDD Yeah, me and my weird tastes. 

So, until tomorrow (and the picspam), I say... GOOD BYE BYE... chansu wsoko ni aruuu~ (8) xDD Yeah, that was Koko ni Iruzee!
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 :) Oh yes. Ehh... I knew which one I was going to post, but know I don't know if post it with Day 13 or 14. Well, as I'm debating, I'll let you know I didn't know if to post this today (As last entry was after midnight, so posting this today would technically make 2 entries in a day). Well, after realizing I'll be gone from Monday to Wednesday/Thursday, I decided to post it today.

._______.' I don't know what to post... eh... how was called that song again? xD Ok, I found it.

Sale Sobrando -Lila Downs

So why is this song a guilty pleasure? In first place, it's Lila Downs, for God's sake. I mean, even in Mexico, how much is she known? And in top of that... just listen to the song. It's weeird... I think even my father thinks so, and he loves Lila Downs so much~
Even so, the lyrics are the best this song has :)

Wait until (I hope) Thursday to find out which is the song for Day 14. 

Hint? More from Lila Downs ;)
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 AHH, this is haard...  When I don't like things, I simply... ignore them... so yeah... I dunno what to put in this xDD And I mean, there's... nah, I don't hate them, not even Lila Downs... 

Well... I hate pretty much everything reggae/reggaeton. And... I dunno.. I don't know any artist from those genre, so... can I leave this blank? :D PLEAASE ;O; 

Instead... let's... talk? xDD Ok, really, I can't remember any song~

So... xD I feel so much like a fail... but... let's write about my Saturday, 'kay?

xD I fail so much. )

Meh, great post, isn't it? :D 
Well, what do you want? It's midnight here, and I'm not used to this.
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 Momusu todaay~
lalala' let's see... From Momusu I've already posted Mr. Moonlight, I Wish... and screw Momusu, let's post the song from Hello! Project:

All for One & One for All -Hello! Project

This song first was released as the song for the sole Shuffle Unit of Hello! Project in 2004, which included every idol under the H!P umbrella. It included over 40 artists: Morning Musume, H!P Kids, Berryz Koubou, Ayaka, Aya Matsuura, Melon Kinenbi... 

The special thing about the song is that the lines are in the order of when each girl entered to Hello! Project. It starts with 1st Gen, 2nd, Maki Goto, some soloists, etc. The video is from the Elder's Club graduation... It's weird to see how there's only one girl singing the line of herself, Maki Goto and Ayaka, because those two had graduated before. And then, Berryz Koubou comes before the former H!P Kids, because they are now °C-ute. And then, Yossy takes a line from Aibon, whose contract was terminated two years before... 

The song was again performed in the Summer Tour 2010, the Fankora... It seems that 5th Gen starts the song, but then, instead of Berryz Koubou/°C-ute, there is 6th Gen .___. I'll wait until the DVD release to see how the lines are now distributed...

Enough for today~ :)
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 For some reason, I'm already wishing these 30 days are over. Now that I finally got to write short, daily entries, I'm dying to go back to my long, full of nonsense and angst scarce entries. But oh well, I guess I get what I wanted. I've got an idea... why not to use the inspiration I poured in my entries to finally write Green Grapes? Yeah, that'd be much more useful. But... ahh, every day I feel more and more apart from him~ I'm finally happily accepting all the happiness and fun I had with those two is over... At least Orangey is always willing to discuss our grades, and the other one (Because to call him Dust Bunny is just... xDDD) will always laugh whenever I mention that dove.

And why I'm writing this? This is supposed to be for Day 25... Ohh, God, not another 15 days -.-'

Fine. The song for today will be:

Pastel Pure -Ali Project

Yeah, Arika's vocals are great. But this is just so slow and sweet that it kills me <.<' It bores me, it makes me wonder why in the first place I downloaded the song. So yeah, go blame my taste. My taste that will gladly prefer a happy song like Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo. 

So yeah. All for today, I get off.
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 xDD I thought it was 'A song that makes you dance'... It's pretty much the same thing, isn't it? Fine, today I've got a couple of songs~ 

Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo -Momoiro Clover

*O* Yes Yes We are the Momoiro Clover (8)
I LOOVE this song~ It's so energetic, and cute, and the dance shot shows exactly that. I'd love to know the steps, but ohh, god, it includes things I'm not able to do... Me and gymnastics make a bad combination after all....

Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ -Hello! Project (Actually, Morning Musume, almost Yossie solo, but...)

Ahh, I love this song *O* I've always liked swing-esque songs, and... yeah, Mr. Moonlight was instant love. It also, yes, makes me want to dance :3 And... Yeah, I totally love this song. Yossie is love too~ *O* 

Enough for today... Itze says good-bye :)
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 Yay! Finally I'll be able to post the song I've been wanting to post for a long time :)

Ilusión -Julieta Venegas ft. Marisa Monte.

Last year, for music class, we had to sing a song, any song. Me and a friend chose to sing this one... Which is actually perfect for us, because I'm Mexican and she's Brazilian, just like the singers xD
We sang it so many times practicing it, that I think I'll never forget it .___.' It's a nice song, isn't it? 

Por qué la dejé, porqué la dejé? No sé, sólo sé que se me fue.

:) Byee~! xD Tomorrow it's again day of multiple songs~
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 :D Seven posts of meme already? YAY.
Fine, fine. Ehh... *opens playlist, again*. You know, First Kiss (Aa!) would suit this one, too xD

Caramelldansen -Caramell

:D Yes, you know, the song is a global meme? Last year, in an anime con here, Apertura, I was with friends, and I suddenly started doing the Caramelldansen dance while they looked at me as if I was crazy :P It felt great. I was originally going to put a song we've danced in a 'Comparsa', but I couldn't remember one.

So until tomorrow :)
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And I put another one. A song that did remember me of someone, but... I think I can leave that one for Day 25 -.-'

For today... Ahh, I can't think of anything. *opens playlist* Fine.

Motteke! Sailor Fuku -Lucky Star OP

:D because my days at school are just like the ones of the LS cast.
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Para muchas personas, es difícil describirse, definirse. Creo, que yo eso lo manejo bien, pero hay algo que me cuesta hacer: definirme de donde soy. Es difícil cuando te pones a pensar que naciste en un país que ya no recuerdas, tu familia y tradiciones son de otro que tan sólo conoces como turista, y has vivido dos tercios de tu vida en uno con el que no tienes nada que ver.

De Honduras no recuerdo más que una calle empinada y una amiga, a pesar de que nací allí. No tengo acento hondureño, y de palabras, menos. México... Siempre se me han inculcado las tradiciones de este país, pero casi no lo conozco, aparte de que me desagrada mucha de la comida, y sigue siendo mi nacionalidad oficial. Panamá, solo con decir que apenas en Diciembre probé por primera vez en diez años uno de los platos más típicos, el sancocho... Y es el lugar de donde conozco más.

A veces pienso que mi destino no es pertenecer a ningún lugar, que mi patria seré yo misma, mi familia y mis recuerdos. Aún así, me encantaría saber que encontraré al final un lugar en donde me pueda quedar, echar raíces. Pero pensandolo bien, creo que será simplemente un sueño. Después de todo, se supone que quiero ser embajadora. Y saben? Ya no me importa si de México o de Honduras. 

Viajar... Sería más interesante un libro con vivencias alrededor del mundo que  uno donde la escena se mantenga igual toda la obra, no es así? Eso es. Mi vida será igual.

PD. xDD El post de la canción diaria lo haré en seguida. Tengo que encontrar un link~
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Humm... I shall...

First Kiss -Aa! (Suzuki Airi solo)

Just this. No explanation for today, because, well -.-''
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Today, song is first, then short story of today :)

Watashi no Tsubasa -ED of Ojamajo Doremi Dokka~n!

It's pretty much my favorite song of Doremi. The music is calming, the lyrics are nostalgic, and I kind of connect them to some years ago... Bwaaahh~ T^T Diego and Joshua, I'm still not over them. We slowly fell apart, but... I miss them. xDD Do you know something? The fact that this song is played in the last episode, sang by all the Doremi cast make me even more nostalgic.
no, it's not only one song :P )

Enough sadness. Today I start my Winter Break. What? you must be asking, if it's only July. Well, here on Panama, if I haven't wrote it before, we have 9 or 10 months of Winter, or Rainy Season, and 2 or 3 of Summer. That means, Summer is from December onwards. More or less. It's then when we have Summer Break, and this years, while most schools have just one week of Winter Break, mine got two because we started classes one week earlier. 

And, I'm feeling bored, because I mean, today we finished final exams, I should be at the mall or somewhere, having fun! But no, I had to stay to babysit my sister -.-'

:D Tomorrow, I'll write about something more~ Sad things, hopefully.
See you~!

PD. Ohh, by the way, I started reading Bakuman. It's really interesting, and I liked the characters instantly  :3 TAKAGII <3
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 My teachers hate us, fact. Two hard tests almost in a row. Spanish is comprehensible: The teacher has always been like that, and this was our sixth final exam with her... But Bio teacher too?! Ok, perhaps I didn't study enough (I know I didn't), but I tried! I was sleepy, and I didn't understand what I was reading, so nothing stayed in my memory. Almost nothing, other people did more badly.

So, enough of that. A song that makes me happy... I thought in the morning about it. And quickly the answer came to me~

Iremos Juntos -Timbiriche

Sorry for poor video quality, and... It's in Spanish xD The song is the Spanish version of We'll Go Together, of Grease. It's sung by a Mexican group, Timbiriche~ And, yeah, it makes me happy :) It's a song of 'we're friends so everything's right'... Ahh~ yes xD And it's also catchy! 

Well, I'm liking this of posting the song and a little about my day :3 It's a great exercise.
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 xD Second Day and I'm already forgetting I've got to do this meme. Least favorite song, huh? :/ Starting with the difficult choices already? Ok, I can interpret it as the one song from my favorites that I don't like as much as the others, right? Well, I can't choose that one because I'm saving it for Day 14. And that one too... 

Ehh, well... K-on!!. I was talking about that series at school, so my choice will be from Houkago Tea Time. 

Which song will I share with you? )

AHH! Four tests and I'm out of school for two beautiful weeks! <3 Today we had to do Spanish test, and ohh God. At least 100 of the 160 students in 10° felt like they failed. It was HARD. As I said, when I don't finish the test in the first 30 minutes, it is hard. I know I didn't do SO bad, but still, I'm scared... I had a relatively good average on Spanish, and now I'm feeling it went down the flush (?). And tomorrow I've got English (Ohh, really easy except when the teacher makes the grammar theory LITERAL), and Biology, so long I think I'll have to study tomorrow in the previous hours. :/

Well, off with today's report.

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:D Hey! I'm here, not with the movies I've watched in the year (Mostly because I've forgotten which ones I've seen), but with yet another Meme! 
I... Stole it from somewhere (duh!), and I've wanted to do this one for months, but I always forget. So today, July 12, is the start of the 30 Days of Music Meme. Without further ado, I may post the list of the meme~
a long list behind this :3 )

Day 1- Your favorite song

Momoiro Tengoku -Ali Project
Yes, two songs :D )

Fuu, a month. Will I do it? :D just keep reading for the next 29 days!


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