Dec. 31st, 2010

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... My entry got erased. My beautiful, thoughtful and pretty entry, that was half done... Meh >__<'

Perhaps I could rewrite it? I don't really remember half of what was written there...

In a nutshell, it was about this year. And it had a phrase of my favorite song from Rbbon no Kishi musical. Because, not seeing what will come, or not knowing it, makes life a lot better... Mystery~~ of Liiiiife~ (8) Eh, yeah, go listen to the song.

Anyway... I was writing about how one usually is excited for a new year because of all events happening in early months, and let's accept it, some events in the late months too. But, once the first are gone, you feel bored and stuff... I'm losing inspiration, right. At the end, you'll realize that you had more fun than you expected.

And 2010 is gone. It's pretty sad. I feel like it was a good year. I made new friends, and, -I believe-, I didn't lose any. At school too, my grades got better, even if I'm far from the perfect student I'd like to be. Even at the subject that was lowering my overall grade, I tried to do my best, even if it didn't change anything at all. I really think I've enjoyed this year to the fullest, and I'm proud of myself u.u'

So now, tell me, where I'm walking to? What the next year will bring to me? Even if nobody can tell but time...

Ok, enough of trying to insert lyrics to that song into my writing. I could have some goals, right? It's only natural, after all.

First, I want to keep climbing. Not literally, of course. I just want to continue through the path I'm going, trying to become better day by day.

I hope I don't lose a close friend, it's painful. So let's make my little nakama closer every day!

Let's try to get better at some sport, ANY! My balance is horrible... It's a miracle that I don't get my ankles hurt while sleeping. I could also try to walk better...

And because I can't find anything else right now, let's get to fandomy goals!

I want to learn the names and faces of everyone at Hello! Project including eggs. And I want to buy something from the H!P USA Store.

What else... I could improve both my drawing and writing. And I could try watching Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni amongst other things. I could try to watch every Momusu/Yossy relates thing in Veoh and Youtube!

Wow, this has gotten lenghty, or perhaps it's just me from the iPod touch. Probably. I should hurry up, we're soon leaving to the house of some friends. But before, a picture, just because I can >:)

EDIT: Picture removed because... too big D:

Yay, there (:

So, finally... HAPPY 2011, everyone!

Itze says goodbye (:

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